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Thursday, July 7, 2022
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16 Amazing Gifts for Boxers & Boxing Fans

Looking for boxing gifts and ideas? Look no further!

The holiday season is upon us, and everybody is looking for those Christmas (or even birthday) gifts. Sometimes the problem isn’t finding the gift, it’s finding the right one. This can be hard enough with any person, but finding the right gifts for boxers can be even harder!

We’ve got you covered though, so read on for some great ideas. Whether you want ideas for a boxer, a fan or enthusiast, or even a coach / instructorthere’s something for everybody.

With the number of yearly deals that come around this time of year, like Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday, you may be able to grab a great deal, so we’ve included some site suggestions for you to have a look around. Now let’s take a look at 16 of the best presents for boxing fans.

At the bottom of this page we’ve also added a list of deals and special offers that we have found for you. We will try to keep this updated for all big occasions like Christmas, Boxing Day, Halloween, Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday. You can scroll down and take a look at our great gift ideas.

Now let’s take a look at 16 of the best presents for boxing fans.

1. Punch Tracker – Buy It Here

Hykso and Everlast has upped their game with the incredible new Punch Trackers. The Hykso Punch Trackers can actually assist in monitoring punch output, in real time, while also helping you be able to analyze and break down your combos.

This means that during training and sparring sessions, fighters will be able to track their sparring sessions while being able to monitor speed and intensity of each session so that you can compare data to better be able to see your progress.

This makes for the perfect gift for the fighter in your life, regardless of skill level as the data that is received from the punch tracker is not only interesting, but it is incredibly useful to help the fighter grow and progress at a much faster rate. If Hykso punch tracker is too expensive, check out Everlast boxing tracker.

It’s not as high quality product and well rated as Hykso, but few times cheaper, and I think worth its price. There is also this new tracker called bxtrackerbut it does not have any reviews yet, so it’s hard to say if it’s any good.

2. T-shirt – Right Hook Loading Please Wait – Buy It Here

T-shirts are more often than not a really safe bet for pretty much anyone. Particularly a fighter! And this Right Hook Loading Please Wait is the perfect example of why.

Sure to gain some laughs as well as respect, this shirt is a cut above the rest in its simple design that speaks loud and clear! Available in a few different color options and tons of sizing, this tee is perfect for any boxer or any skill level.

You may also be interested to read: 21 Best Boxing T-Shirts of 2021

Also available on Amazon (US shipping only) and SunFrog (International shipping)

3. American Fist Reflex Ball – Buy it Here

If you’re following boxing, you should have seen viral videos of professional fighters training with reflex balls, aka tennis ball technique. If you have not, here is one:

Trust me, it’s not as easy as Lomachenko makes it look, but it’s definitely as fun and super satisfying once you start getting better and better at it. This particular reflex ball has 4 different difficulty levels and is great from beginners to professionals.

Get from Amazon

4. Desktop Stress Buster – Buy It Here

Get from Amazon

Is the boxing lover in your life also regularly sat at a desk? If so, this gift is ideal for you. They can place this punch ball on their desk and give it a whack any time they’re feeling stressed. It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s useful. What’s not to like?

5. Signed Photo of Their Favorite Fighter – Buy It Here

Gifts for Boxers & Boxing Fans

It’s hard to get something for a boxing enthusiast / fanatic that REALLY makes them fill up with joy when they open it. How about a framed photograph of their favorite fighter, which has also been autographed by that fighter? Now THAT would make any serious fan grin with pleasure!

Take a look at this site for the photo above:

Revgear Jumbo Gloves – Buy It Here

The Revgear Jumbo Gloves are the perfect gift for the boxer or child of a boxer in your life. Measuring about 2 ft. in diameter, they are a super fun option for some live action boxing fun in the home. These novelty gloves allow for safe bouts with all the fun fighting benefits, while ensuring to get a laugh out of anyone who chooses to put them on.

Get from Amazon

Check out this video for a quick and incredibly entertaining demo to see them in action.

7. Movie Shorts, Robes & T-Shirts – Buy Here

Gifts for Boxers & Boxing Fans - Rocky Robe

There’s more than just regular clothing available for combat sports fans too. Take for example this Rocky robe. Fans of the movie will love wearing this while lounging around the house.

Take a look around at Gift Ideas in Men’s Boxing Clothing on Amazon or for a lot more movie themed boxing items, like Rocky t-shirts, robes, shorts, and even Rocky’s gold cuff-link necklace.

8. A Pair of Boxing Gloves – R2C C-17

Gifts for Boxers & Boxing Fans - Boxing Gloves

Everybody who boxes needs gloves. One set of gloves is almost never enough for a boxer though, so you can not go wrong with buying them a lovely new pair to use. You might need to find out some details first though, like what type of glove they like, and what size they prefer for training and / or sparring.

Some people even like different pairs for different things – I know I do! I like 10oz for pad / bag work, and 16oz for sparring. Take a look around the site and you’ll find reviews for many of the most popular gloves.

High Quality Gloves

One of the best gifts for boxers you can get is a high quality pair of gloves. From champions to beginners, there is not a boxer in the world who would not want a pair of top quality Winning or Cleto Reyes. These are some of the best brands available, although they are a bit more expensive, as expected. With that said, at this time of year there are some great deals on, so it might be the best time to grab a pair.

We have personally reviewed and made a “Top 10 Boxing Gloves”List, to help you make your choice too. Spoiler alert: R2C C-17 – The Best Bang for the Buck.

9. Custom Made Clothing

Gift ideas for Boxers & Boxing Fans - Custom Clothing

At Sunfrog and other similar sites (see the list bellow) you can choose to make your own t-shirts, hoodies, and more. This is great if you already have a design in mind, but can not find it in stores. It also makes your Christmas gifts extra special, as the clothing is unique and specially made for the recipient. How cool is that ?!

Check out similar custom made clothing sites:

10. Jewelery – Buy It Here

Gifts for Boxers & Boxing Fans

Jewelery is always a great gift! For those who like to wear it and love boxing, there’s a variety of chains and pendants available. This particular pendant stood out to me, made with 14k gold.

It may be one of the more expensive ones, but the design really sets it off. So if you know somebody that likes flashy gloves and jewelery, why not get them some ‘glove bling’?

You can find this pendant at:

11. Posters, Pictures & Memorabilia

Gift ideas for Boxers & Boxing Fans

Photos aren’t the only thing you can get autographed either. There’s a huge amount of programs, magazines and posters available on some of these sites. Pictured here is a poster from the movie “The Hurricane”, signed by the real ‘Hurricane’ Rubin Carter. For those people into boxing and boxing movies, you can not get much better than this.

This poster and others are available at:

12. Autographed Gloves & Trunks

Gift ideas for Boxers & Boxing Fans

Maybe you need a special gift for your boxer boyfriend, brother, or whoever else you’re buying for. Perhaps that person is not in to pictures, posters and things like that. There’s a lot of other signed memorabilia available for them though.

Gloves and trunks / shorts are two of the most popular. You can buy walk out robes, title belts, and even cereal boxes amongst other things. These gifts would be ideal for a collector, or any boxing fanatic.

The Sugar Ray shorts are on:

Again, do not forget the extra links at the end!

13. Safety / Protective Equipment – Buy IT Here

Gift ideas for boxing

When buying for somebody new to the sport, protective equipment should be the first thing on your list. A gum shield and a groin guard are the least you will need. You may want to buy a head guard also, as some gyms require them.

There are many gyms that do not though, so it usually comes down to the person’s preference. These are not only very thoughtful things to buy, but they will also be very useful.

14. Heavy Bag – Buy It Here

Gift ideas for boxing
Training equipment is something we all want to have. The main reasons we do not are usually space, and the cost of the equipment. Maybe you know a boxing lover that does not have a space issue, or even a coach with their own gym.

Either way, boxing equipment is a huge concern for people that train often. There’s no shortage of items you can buy here, from big space-taking equipment like heavy bags, speed bags, and even a ring if you’re mega-rich, to the smaller things like skipping ropes, focus mitts, and body shields.

Take a look around on sites like for more ideas. They are also having a great Black Friday sale, so get in there quick!

15. Imitation Title Belts – Buy It Here

Get from Amazon

Make the person you’re buying for feel special by awarding them their very own championship belt. After all, everybody wants to be a champ at some time! You can get imitation belts all over the net, with Amazon being a great place to look for them.

Some of the specialty sites for boxing memorabilia also do signed versions of these belts, so you can make the gift even more special if you want to.

16. Mini Boxing Gloves – Buy It Here

Get from Amazon

Here’s one for in the car. You can get glove mirror ornaments in all kinds of designs. Some are plain, some have sports team logos on them, others have national flags or cities on them. There really is something for everybody here if you look around enough, and they make an excellent stocking filler as they are pretty small and also quite cheap.

Great, now we’ve looked through all of those, here are a few more links you can check out for even more boxing gift ideas:

We hope you enjoy these great Christmas gift ideas for boxers & boxing fans. Check back soon for more great reviews!

Do you have any other ideas? Please share in the comment section below!

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