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2021 Master Cut Line: Projected Cut, Rules, Friday Classification Updates

2021 Master Cut Line: Projected Cut, Rules, Friday Classification Updates

A few top golfers are at risk of losing the cutting line 2021 Master on Friday.

The unforgiving conditions at Augusta National left a lot of effort to fight through the 1st round. Only 12 golfers entered Friday with some of the best players lining up with a pair-cut line, including Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy. There is a stark contrast to the Undergraduate Master, who saw a number of low scores due to the smooth conditions with which Dustin Johnson set a new course record.

In the meantime, top in the ranking In 2021, so far, fugitive leader Justin Rose appears to be paired with 11 others, including Hideki Matsuyama, Patrick Reed and Jordan Spieth. Johnson is in a straight cut line with more than 2 holes over 18 holes.

In all, about 50 of the 88 players will remain on the 2021 Masters field on Saturday.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Masters cutting line, rules, and results as players play through the weekend.

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The masters cut the rules

At stake in 2021 is a change in the rules for Masters resolution. Only the top 50 players in the standings (plus draws) will be left for Saturday and Sunday to maintain the new tough cut put in place by August officials in 2020. small weekend pitch.

Since 2013, any player who was 10 strokes behind the club leader after 36 holes will advance to the 3rd round in addition to the first 50 automatic qualifiers.

The new rules ensure that cutting Masters is the most difficult of the four major golf courses. The top 60 players make the cut US Open, While the top 70 players make the cut PGA Tournament and the Open Tournament.

The Masters cut the line in 2021

The cutting line is projected on a 2-point pair, which means that 32 players lost the cut at the end of the second round.

  • Planned cutting: More than 2
  • Cut inside players: 52
  • Highlights at risk: Phil Mickelson (+3), Bryson DeChambeau (+4), Rory McIlroy (+4), Jason Day (+5)

How many do the cutting in the Masters?

The field of the initial 88 players will be reduced to 50 (including draws) by the end of the second round on Saturday morning.

Direct classification of masters

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