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5 best HOTAS controllers for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Logitech, Thrustmaster, PXN

5 best HOTAS controllers for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Logitech, Thrustmaster, PXN

Real pilots control the movement of the aircraft with a large sliding lever, which makes it easy to move up or down quickly. This is essential in aerial combat or aerobatics, where gas control is as important as the stick for maneuvers. This is the idea of ​​the Logitech G X52 Professional (drivers like “manual stick and stick” (HOTAS) approach).Rating: 9/10, recommended by WIRED).

It is divided into two parts: a large stick with a button and a slide with a button with the same button. You usually use the stick with your right hand and the gas with your left. Sliding control adds a lot to the experience. When you slip forward in control and the engine starts roaring you feel like you’re starting things up, and it’s much more natural to move carefully when cruising or landing.

The full X52 is covered with buttons. There are six buttons, two caps, a three toggle switch and a marker, plus six buttons, four dials, two caps and a small slip on the chest. All of them are illuminated with LEDs, and there is also a safety cover, with the stick sitting on top of the cupboard on top of the main weapons. Open the lid and the power button underneath gives a terrifying red.

This launcher may make it clear that the X52 isn’t really just a flight simulation. He is at home in air or space fighting games Elite: Dangerous to defeat these alien trakets based on flying skill and reactions. These buttons are also great for flight simulations. By default they are all assigned to basic controls FS2020, and you can assign any of them. The launcher is also assigned something: open the cover and tap the launcher (which usually launches a missile) and your autopilot is activated. Pull the finger on the back of the control stick (usually firing a secondary weapon) and the focus shifts to the nearest point of interest, usually the track you’re trying to land on. With so many buttons at your fingertips, you can manage the entire flight without using the keyboard.

All of these buttons can be confusing. The buttons are labeled, but these do not match the labels used FS2020. On the top button of the slider, for example, it has a big “E”, but FS2020 He calls it the Joystick button 8. It’s inconsistent and makes it hard to guess things. On one flight, I accidentally turned off the engine and hit the engine track button at the end of the runway. But at least with this setup, I’ve tried to nail that takeoff again, which I probably wouldn’t have been able to do with a real plane.

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