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76ers vs. Hawks live score, updates, notable in Game 7 of the NBA playoff series

76ers vs.  Hawks live score, updates, notable in Game 7 of the NBA playoff series

Doc Rivers hasn’t won a game in 7 of its last three picks, but it will change the final misfortune as the 76ers take on the Hawks on Sunday night.

Philadelphia avoided the playoffs in a 104-99 win over Atlanta and will now return to the Wells Fargo Center in hopes of smoothing out Trae Young’s Hawks. Seth Curry and Tyrese Maxey they were great in Philly’s last game, but the team will continue to have a lot of confidence in Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris as they look forward to advancing as a 76-year-old coach at Rivers.

Meanwhile, Hawks has little to lose in this competition. Few expected Atlanta to make any sort of playoffs, let alone lead the Sixers to a 7th game.

However, interim coach Nate McMillan organized an epic change after taking the team in the middle of the season. He went 27-11 in 38 regular-season games as a coach and the 5-seed Hawks beat the Knicks 4-1 in the series.

McMillan prefers it returning as Atlanta coach next season, but winning Game 7 would strengthen Hawks ’chances of remaining in power. Or, it could become a valuable bargaining chip while negotiating his future salary.

Sporting News is tracking live scores updates and citations 76ers vs Hawks Eastern Conference to decide the playoff series. Follow below 7 for the full results of the game.

76ers vs. Hawks score

Game 7 1.G 2.G 3.G 4.G Final
76 years 28 28
Hawks 25 25

76ers vs. Hawks live updates, notable in Game 7

(All Eastern moments)

21:17 – Each team picked up 13 fouls in the first half, so here’s the problem to see in the second half.

76 years

  • Ben Simmons: 3
  • Tobias Harris: 2
  • Seth Curry: 2
  • Furkan Korkmaz: 2
  • Tyrese Maxey: 2


  • Clint Chapel: 2
  • John Collins: 2
  • Kevin Huerter: 2
  • Lou Williams: 2
  • Danilo Gallinari: 2

End of second quarter: Hawks 48, 76ers 46

21:07 – Trae Young is coming off one of 12 from the field and has just nine points, but the Hawks are ahead in the middle, 48-46. How do they work? They are winning 10-4 winning the turnover battle and as a result are hanging on to this game bet.

21:05 – Three fouls in the first half for Ben Simmons. Another thing to see with the Sixers, especially in the early third quarter.

21:04 – Joel Embiid was holding his leg after hitting the ground. He’s on the court and playing, but he’s having a small tear in his right meniscus (knee). Something to watch in the second half.

21:00 – Seth Curry and Kevin Huerter go back and forth with 3-point marks. They’re both playing well tonight.

20:55 – After taking a hard foul, Trae Young continues to go down and make some pushes. It is amped.

20:53 – Trae Young bounces off his technique and finds Clint Capela.

20:50 – Trae Young received a technical foul. He thought Ben Simmons was missing before he called the time limit. Officials originally called him but canceled. That’s Young’s third technical foul in the series.

20:48 – Joel Embiid threw a dunk of monsters that revived the Wells Fargo Center. What a play.

20:46 – Ben Simmons and George Hill combine a small and unique option.

20:45 – Trae Young finished his cold stretch with a 3-point mark. He now has seven points in one of seven shots.

20:43 – Kevin Huerter missed the first shot of the game. He is now out of five with nine points.

20:40 – The Hawks had no turnover in the first quarter. They needed a 14-minute action to play one. That’s one of the main reasons they lead despite Trae Young’s early shooting struggles.

20:38 – After Danilo Gallinari scored a 3-point shot, every hawk shot so far has made at least one basket … except for Trae Young. Despite that, the Hawks dominated five.

20:34 – Nate McMillan received a takeaway in the first quarter: He likes how the Hawks offense works, but he wants to make less of a free kick. The sounds are correct.

20:32 – The Hawks and Sixers each have two fouls. Seth Curry has two in favor of Philly while Clint Capela picked up the second at the end of the first quarter. Capela is instrumental in the fight against Joel Embiid, so Hawks will continue to look good.

End of first quarter: 76ers 28, Hawks 25

20:29 – Trae Young didn’t make a shot in the first quarter – he’s 0-6 from the floor – but he has four points on the free kick line. Still, Hawks will need more of himself to win this. They are lucky to be only 28-25 after a quarter. Also, Joel Embiid made a great shot to end the quarter.

20:27 – Lou Williams ’first shot is a mark, but it’s been a while since he decided to go down.

20:25 – Matisse Thybulle makes his first 3-point shot. In the 6th game he did not score.

20:18 – Kevin Huerter has made the first four shots and has nine points. His contributions are crucial when Trae Young lost his first four shots.

20:17 – Seth Curry picked up his second foul in the middle of the first quarter. He has averaged 30 points in his last two games, so it’s a big development for the 76ers.

20:14 – Joel Embiid has a hard shot that falls off the basket. This gives the 76ers their first advantage of the game, 15-13 in the first commercial break.

20:10 – The hawks are making nice passes. Trae Young finds Clint Capela for the parade.

20:08 – Joel Embiid has the first six points for the 76ers. Kevin Huerter has five of the first seven for the Hawks.

20:07 – Last night, Charles Barkley guaranteed that the Bucks would beat the Nets. He was right. Tonight he is in the Sixers.

20:03 – The 76ers have won. Furkan Korkmaz missed the first shot of the game. John Collins starts the scoring with a two-point lead for the Hawks.

19:55 – Shaq wants Ben Simmons to be aggressive and worry about the problems with his free kick.

19:50 – No surprises with the Hawks lineup. Trae Young, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Kevin Huerter, John Collins and Clint Capela will all start the Atlanta game.

19:37 – The starting five for the Sixers is the same as Game 6: Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Furkan Korkmaz, Tobias Harris and Joel Embiid.

19:30 – Joel Embiid and Sixers are working on the preliminaries.

19:25 – Who dressed better, Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid?

76ers vs. Hawks start time

  • Hour: 20.00 ET / 17.00 PT
  • TV channel: TNT
  • Live broadcast: See TNT

The 7th game between the 76ers and the Hawks is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 20th. It will be broadcast internationally on TNT.

NBA playoff schedule 2021

(All Eastern moments)

June 20

The game Time National television
Clippers vs Suns 3:30 p.m. ABC
Hawks vs 76ers 8 p.m. TNT

June 22

The game Time National television
Clippers vs Suns 9 p.m. ESPN

June 24

The game Time National television
Suns vs. Clippers 9 p.m. ESPN

June 26

The game Time National television
Suns vs. Clippers 9 p.m. ESPN

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