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A Houston Chronicle reporter has lost his job after comparing Deshaun Watson’s accusers to terrorists

A Houston Chronicle reporter has lost his job after comparing Deshaun Watson’s accusers to terrorists

NFL veteran journalist Aaron Wilson has lost his job at the Houston Chronicle, Defector Media for, after comments about it Deshaun’s Watson accusers.

Wilson was there Interviewed by WEEI radio station in Boston on March 19th, three days later Watson’s opening statement on the first lawsuit filed against him. At the time of the interview, there were 12 lawsuits against Watson (there are now 22). In the interview, Wilson used the term “money-grabbing” to describe the lawsuits. Watsoni also mentioned that women who report sexual behavior are “terrorists”.

Wilson also said he was “skeptical” about the allegations made by the plaintiffs.

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“It’s easier (to go after) because someone with a perfect reputation has the means to pay in many ways, in the case of someone like Deshaun Watson. And they pay more to get rid of more things. His case, you know, is unlike, you know, you don’t negotiate terrorists.

You know, people are asking for money, they’re asking for money … it was getting worse. He kept going up and up and up. And you start talking about more and more money. I won’t tell you how far it has come, but my understanding is, you know, it was accepted, you know, something, you know, that was just that, you know, that it was just about receiving money. “

Wilson had Watson’s defense throughout the interview, until the radio hosts asked Wilson if he was “in Watson’s favor” in this case.

“I’m not saying I’m not,” Wilson said. “I don’t know if I’m telling you. I know. I didn’t throw this guy under the bus before I had some evidence. I don’t feel like I have evidence. They’re accusations.”

Defector Media reported that Wilson had lost his job and one day, the journalist apologized via his Twitter account.

“I made a mistake that I fully understand and appreciate when I did not choose the words I did not choose quite carefully during a discussion on Deshaun Watson’s sensitive, complex, and controversial legal situation on a March 19 radio show in the following days. civilians, ”Wilson’s document read, in part.

According to Defector Media, the Houston Chronicle held a staff meeting on Friday at which editor Reid Laymance announced that Wilson was no longer working. Although not named Wilson, Chronicle executive director Steve Riley sent a note to the newsroom on how to handle Watson’s legal status.

Note, Through Defector Media:

“The allegations of sexual assault against Deshaun Watson uphold these standards. This note serves as a reminder that when we denounce, analyze and describe these allegations, those who bring and bring, we must approach the story with all the fairness and attention involved. Given the frequency with which we are content, increasingly in print and on many digital channels, our editors should also be vigilant with oversight of coverage on all platforms …. this type will be accepted “.

The note also stated that all employees had to receive permission from a supervisor before making an appearance elsewhere in the media.

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