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Aaron Donald’s accusation, the lawyer apologized after the video cleared the Rams star

Aaron Donald’s accusation, the lawyer apologized after the video cleared the Rams star

Aaron Donald for the defense of the ram received an apology Friday for allegedly assaulting him in front of a Pittsburgh nightclub last weekend and according to the man’s attorney.

Lawyers, Todd J. Hollis, he told KDKA on Pittsburgh television his client, DeVincent Spriggs, said he wanted to apologize for appearing after a video of Sunday morning’s incident showing that he came to Donald Spriggs’ aid while Spriggs was being kicked and punched.

“I wanted to make this statement public. And I want to apologize to Aaron for what he experienced, but I know clearly that that wasn’t him,” Hollis said.

Hollis Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times said that he, too, had misidentified Donald.

“I think the person who was involved in the altercation after watching the video was not Aaron Donald,” Hollis told Klein. “He was someone who looked like him.”

Hollis told Klein that he needed to correct himself quickly.

“We made these allegations in public, so I think once I received the information that he wasn’t the same, I think I had to be public with that too and I had to do it right away later,” Klein said of Hollis.

Hollis he said at a news conference Wednesday He intended to file criminal charges against Donald.

In a video acquired by Pittsburgh TV WPXI on Friday, Donald Spriggs was seen walking away from people who were attacking him.

Donald’s lawyer, Casey White, he told KDKA on Pittsburgh radio On Friday morning, when these people knew Donald and were defending him, Spriggs threw a bottle at the player to escalate the previous confrontation at the club’s internal party. White said the bottle hit Donald in the head.

White said Pittsburgh police told him in an email that there was still no video evidence of Donald Spriggs being attacked. The As reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Police denied White’s claim and added that they were continuing to investigate the incident.

Spriggs allegedly sustained a blow and wound to his arms and received 16 points near his right eye.

Donald, 29, was born and raised in Pittsburgh and played college in Pittsburgh. White says Donald lives in the city outside of the season.

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