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Aaron Rodgers Contract: Packers who are restructuring the Superstar quarterback deal

Aaron Rodgers Contract: Packers who are restructuring the Superstar quarterback deal

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are working on double discount control.

According to NFL Network Mike Silver, the Packers are working to restructure the Rodgers deal, though the details of the restructuring are somewhat obscure.

A restructured deal would give Rodgers and the Packers some more money to work on this year, but until the details of the new contract are revealed, that leaves a huge doubt as to what it could be for the team. now and in the years to come.

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Rodgers comes from the MVP season in 2020, and his future in Green Bay in 2021 and beyond has been the subject of much debate this season. The Packers and QB superstars are committed together for this upcoming season and beyond, but there is the question of Jordan Love as the Packers drafted Love in the first round in 2020.

Here is the latest from Rodgers and the Packers:

Aaron Rodgers contract

Silver reported that the Packers and Rodgers are working on a restructured deal for the superstar quarterback, but aspects of the restructured deal are up in the air.

Rodgers ‘contract believes Green Bay can convert salaries and list bonuses into a signature improvement to reduce Rodgers’ number of episodes without negotiating (a case with many NFL player contracts), there are doubts as to whether the Packers are just restructuring. . his deal or giving Rodgers new money.

In Tuesday’s “Good Morning Football,” Tom Pelissero reported on three possible ways to restructure his NFL deal, with the Packers trying to move money into Rodgers ’contract rather than turning it into a signing bonus. This would mean that the Rodgers agreement could include an extension.

There’s also a new fashion for the NFL cap to add years to the contract, with Pelissero having that option as well. But considering the history of contract structures for the Packers, that may not be the case.

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