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Adult Functional ADHD: What it is like

Adult Functional ADHD: What it is like


Denise Leung, MD, assistant professor of psychiatry, Irving Medical Center, Columbia University, quality medical director, Department of Psychiatry, NYPH-CUIMC; program medical director, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital Community and Acute Outpatient Psychiatric Services, Child and Adolescent Health, New York.

Edward M. Hallowell, MD, board-certified child and adult psychiatrist, author ADHD 2.0: New Sciences and Key Strategies for Advancing with Distraction – From Childhood to Adulthood; founder, The Hallowell ADHD Centers; host, “Distraction” podcast, Sudbury, MA.

Vinay Saranga, MD, board-certified psychiatrist, founder of Saranga Comprehensive Psychiatry, Apex, NC.

Dusti Arab, founder and CEO, The Reinvention Co .; founder, ADHD Business, Portland, OR.

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