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Antonio Brown wants the Buccaneers to re-sign Antonio Brown’s free agent receiver

Antonio Brown wants the Buccaneers to re-sign Antonio Brown’s free agent receiver

Super Bowl champion Buccaneers has been pleased to use the free agency period as an opportunity to retain players who helped them win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Before Tampa Bay ends its off-season spending, however, Antonio Brown would like to address an important question in the main office.

Have you thought about re-signing the current free agent Antonio Brown?

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Brown, who scored 45 catches in eight games with the Buccaneers last season with 483 yards and four touchdowns, went to social media on Monday and pushed the franchise to bring it home again. Seven times the Pro Bowl wide receiver responded group Instagram message which announced that the Bucs were the first team to return all 22 Super Bowl starters since 1977.

“Sign @ab,” Brown said, referring to the Instagram handle.

Tampa Bay has discussed a deal with Brown, but both sides are “not right now” considering how much money Brown would make. According to Mike Garaflo of the NFL Network.

“They want to take it to another number in his head, just as Bucs does,” Garafolo said in Thursday’s “Good Morning Football” edition.

Brown earned $ 2 million while playing for the Buccaneers ’2020 mid-season and did well, so he reportedly wants a promotion. Tampa Bay, who have already made significant money with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, are probably betting that no other team is ready to give Brown a big salary. The Bucs could keep Brown on an affordable contract.

At the moment, Brown doesn’t have much leverage, and that won’t change unless the other contender is put into play. Bucs may eventually give up his wish by re-signing, but not at his preferred price.

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