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At the Eagles office, Doug Pederson was “ridiculed and criticized” for each report “treated like a baby.”

At the Eagles office, Doug Pederson was “ridiculed and criticized” for each report “treated like a baby.”

Fly, Eagles, fly, on the way to misery.

The dysfunction between the Eagles organization came to a head this season when Super Bowl head coach Doug Pederson was fired after a month-long saga. Carson Wentz soon followed Pederson through the gate when he was traded to Indianapolis and the Eagles are entering a new era.

In a new Athletic report, The Eagles office reported that he had given Pederson hell putting the coach on the cross with Philadelpha throughout his tenure, the team, which began in 2017, would go to defense coordinator Jim Schwartz to be a replacement if Pederson was released.

“(Pederson) was ridiculed and criticized for every decision,” the report says. “If you win three, it wasn’t enough. If you lose in a last-second goal, you’re the worst coach in history.”

The report says Pederson was treated “like a baby”.

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“When Doug was successful with everything that was going on in the building, I sometimes look at the Super Bowl rings and say,‘ Holy cow, I don’t know how we did it, ’” a source told The Athletic.

The report also states that Pederson was opposed to multiple factions within the Eagles office, namely the analysis department; the report also paints the general manger Howie Roseman as not being so positive, with Roseman’s image awareness and paranoia about the organization’s escape as a detrimental character, leading to skepticism in the office.

Owner Jeffrey Lurie is also painted in the report, forcing Pederson to make decisions on staff disagreements, including assistants Mike Groh and Carson Walch having to leave after the 2019 season, a move Pederson didn’t want. do.

Pederson also had to “fight” to keep the coordinator of the offensive Frank Reich in 2016. The Eagles would win the Super Bowl as an offensive coordinator for the Reich next season.

Pederson, released in January, is currently out of work. The Eagles have advanced Nick Sirriani as head coach this season.

But if the dysfunction persists, it doesn’t matter who is guarding the corners on Sundays.

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