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Bangladesh and parts of India are examining blockages between the floods

Bangladesh and parts of India are examining blockages between the floods

NEW DELHI – A new wave of coronavirus infections is taking over a densely populated region in South Asia. a quarter of the world’s population lives there, Bangladesh announced a second closure on Saturday and officials in India’s largest city of Mumbai said they were on the verge of declaring one.

Bangladeshi authorities said on Monday that the 165 million people nation would go into a week-long shutdown to stop the spread of the virus. The country closed for two months starting in March last year.

Bangladesh registered nearly 7,000 cases in 24 hours on Friday, the highest since the virus spread to the country last year. The daily number of deaths has been around 50 in the last week, but what officials are particularly concerned about is the high rate of test positivity, which has been positive for 24% of virus tests performed.

Bangladeshi State Minister of Public Administration Farhad Hossain told local media that “industry and factories will remain open”, but that they will operate in shifts and follow strict health protocols. Exceptions to reduce the economic impact and avoiding the kind of exodus of workers which led to a humanitarian crisis in India last year.

Infections have also increased sharp in Pakistan, which has made efforts to obtain vaccines for the population and in India, where unit for vaccination yes only now taking the pace – despite the fact that the country is home to one of the largest suppliers of vaccines in the world.

A few weeks ago, India was the main exporter of the AstraZeneca vaccine, and used it for that impact in South Asia and around the world. But as the infection rose, the country decided reduce exports and now goes back nearly 2.4 million doses Indian Serum Institute, Made by AstraZeneca, a private company that is one of the largest producers of the vaccine in the world, every day.

India reported more than 93,000 new cases on Sunday, the biggest one-day increase since September. Single-day figures sometimes have anomalies, though the country’s seven-day average the number of new cases, more reliable in width, has been growing significantly since the beginning of March.

It has accounted for nearly half of all deaths and infections in recent weeks Located in the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai, the country’s financial center.

State Minister Uddhav Thackeray warned in a televised appearance on Friday that people are close to the blockade if they continue with their calm stance. Even when people get vaccinated, he points out that protection against infections is not absolute.

“The vaccine is like an umbrella umbrella,” Mr. Thackeray said. “But what we’re facing right now is the storm.”

As cases escalate, law enforcement officials in India are taking drastic measures as fines for offenders who do not wear masks. India has also expanded its insertion unit, administering more than three million jab per day.

But the government’s messaging is sometimes contradictory, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many senior officials continue to hold big rallies in various states where local elections are underway.

The government has also approved it a huge festival of the month to advance on the banks of the river Ganges. Authorities say one to five million people will take part in the festivities in the city of Haridwar every day.

Other new viruses around the world:

  • On Saturday Catalonia became the last region Spain whose authorities denied the government’s decree that a face mask should be used in all public spaces, including beaches, regardless of whether social distance could be maintained. Regional Interior Minister Miquel Sàmper told a Catalan radio station that the regional government believes it is “pure logic” that “when you are sunbathing you should not wear a mask” if the mask is to be used on the beach one person was moving and had a close relationship with others. Politicians in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, the two Spanish archipelagos that are important tourist sites, have also criticized the central government’s decree without consulting them.

  • Italy it entered a three-day national coronavirus blockade on Saturday to prevent Easter trips and encounters as it began to grow into new infections fueled by variants in the country, the Associated Press reported. Interregional travel and family visits were limited until Monday. Essential shops were closed and restaurants and bars were only open to take away.

  • San Marino, A microstate surrounded by Italy, feared it would fall behind in the European inoculation campaign. Now he has progressed, Sputnik vaccinated hardly sent by a distant friend.

  • Turkey has begun Administered by Pfizer-BioNTech plans, the second permitted Covid-19 vaccine in the country, after Sinovac in China. As coronavirus infections are on the rise and the holy month of Ramadan is approaching Muslim, the government is also imposing strict social restrictions, among other things. a ban on large gatherings for traditional meals before dawn and after sunset.

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