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Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have reunited – to praise Julian Edelman’s career

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have reunited – to praise Julian Edelman’s career

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, have they reunited? Kind of.

Julian Edelman was one of Brady’s favorite targets while he was in New England, with the pair making 36 touchdowns at Foxborough. By order of Bill Belichick, the Brady-Edelman connection won three Lombardi trophies.

So it’s no surprise that Edelman, who announced his retirement on Monday, once again had a glue that reunited Belichick and Brady, with coaches and players spreading heartfelt messages.

“You always came on the biggest stage and at the biggest moments,” Brady tweeted. “You’ve never lost that chip on your shoulder and you haven’t let anyone define you as a person or a player. I’m proud of Jules. I love you @ edelman11”

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Belichick broke his steel stance with his long and heartfelt tribute.

Depending on what makes up an elite NFL career, wins, tournaments, production, Julian has it all. Few players can match Julian’s achievements over time, but given his professional career and endurance, the team is even more select. It is historical. It is a tribute to the legendary competition, physical and physical toughness and the will to excel. Day by day, Julian was always the same: everything was outside. Then, in the biggest games and moments, the tournament in the game, he reached even greater heights and offered his most moving and best performances. For all that Julian has done for our team, what I will appreciate most is that he was the main player to throw back. He could do anything, and he had to do it, catch it, run it, throw it, block it, come back, cover it, and deal with it; with an attitude and attitude that would not allow him to fail in any way. Julian Edelman is the last competitor and it was a privilege to train him.

Edelman, who has been hampered by knee problems in recent years, won a Super Bowl MVP in his last appearance in 2019.

Leave the Hall of Fame discussion furious.

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