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Blake Bortles reportedly signed with the Packers due to a rift in the team with Aaron Rodgers

Blake Bortles reportedly signed with the Packers due to a rift in the team with Aaron Rodgers

The Packers are currently in quarterback position. Due to the ongoing conflict between Aaron Rodgers and the team, Green Bay joined on Wednesday with the only quarterback on their roster, Jordan Love, to be in personal off-season training sessions that begin on Monday.

That way, the team takes a proactive approach and is signing a veteran anecdote to act as a third-string quarterback.

That would be Blake Bortles, who, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports, they signed a one-year contract with the Packers on Wednesday evening.

Bortles, 29, spent the 2020 season bouncing between the Rams and Broncos lists and training teams. He didn’t play for either team and hasn’t started a game since 2018, last season with the Jaguars. In the last two seasons, he has combined two regular-season pass attempts.

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In his career, Bortles has set a 24-49 record with 59.3 103 touchdowns and 75 interceptions. He is just a quarterback with the best backup and will provide the experience behind the 22-year-old Love.

Of course, some are wondering what Rodgers means for the future. Does signing Bortles mean the Packers are ready to negotiate a veteran quarterback? Have both sides reached an impasse?

Probably not. Even if Rodgers is willing to go into off-season training, he probably wouldn’t take many early-season representatives at this point in his career. So Green Bay would need yet another quarter to avoid overworking Love and taking some repetitions.

If Rodgers were there and happy, maybe the team wouldn’t be chasing Bortles and would be chasing a younger player with more sides.

But anyway, the team that joins Bortles won’t have much of an impact on Rodgers ’situation.

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