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Blood, shit, and violence: YouTube has a Minecraft issue

Blood, shit, and violence: YouTube has a Minecraft issue

YouTube on Friday in the morning, hundreds of viewers watched a live animated video of a woman Minecraft opening a gift full of emoji shit with bare breasts avatar. In the small image in the video, two swollen breasts were holding a piece of shit Minecraft brick.

It is one of the most disturbing and grotesque animations Minecraft The videos identified by WIRED appear below Youtube Minecraft Theme page, a feature for classifying content submitted in 2019. Similar Minecraftsmall style images found there, an avatar with heart eyes and a bloody knife chained to a woman in a bikini smiling, a woman stuck to a crying mother and father and a pregnant woman with a stool are about to sit on top of a man. . Live videos end for a few hours, and some include tens of thousands of views. Some of these channels receive tens of thousands of views every day.

In 2017, at a later-mentioned event Elsagate, YouTube found hundreds of sexual or violent graphic videos that YouTube videos found to be “child-friendly” in the age-appropriate YouTube Kids app. These videos depicted child abuse, murder, and other R-rated content often featured well-known characters from Peppa Pig or children’s television. Frozen‘s Elsa, or hidden under harmful names, apparently helped YouTube fly under the radar of algorithms. They were also created by independent animators. In the face of this, YouTube delete They removed more than 150,000 videos and 2 million ads.

YouTube’s Elsagate purge has challenged some obvious ways to target children to unscrupulous content creators, one of YouTube’s largest audiences. Since 2017, Youtube has added several new features: themes, hashtag pages, and video game directories. And while Peppa Pig’s dangerous videos aren’t as easy to find on YouTube right now, a WIRED investigation has found dozens of opportunistic channels. Minecraft and Between us fans.

It seems that the videos mentioned were not in the YouTube Kids app, with more than half of the most viewed videos on YouTube being marketed to children. Children’s rhymes and educational videos entertain and soothe children who need rest from their parents. And parents play it over and over again, often getting millions of views. Many videos aimed at children are made through official channels with the IP rights of children’s favorite characters; others are low-budget third-party animations, children’s insatiable love for streaming distractions.

Minecraft is the most popular game on YouTube and at some point tens of thousands of people (many of them children) are watching it live Minecraft content there. By clicking Minecraft On the main games page of YouTube, users bring them here MinecraftThe theme page is created by YouTube according to the default audience. On Monday, the first small image below that section depicted a heart-eyed policeman and a large-breasted avatar with pink panties on the side. Six thousand people were watching it live. Like others Minecraft grotesqueries, the small picture is the most striking; insinuation and violence appear in the animation.

YouTube divides the Themes page into five sections: Live, Recommended, Last, Popular, and Official. For the most part, they have those last four Minecraft animations, highlights, and tutorials. Inappropriate thumbnails are scattered among them, especially if the user sees or searches them; however, the highest concentration is found in the Live section that appears first. On friday Minecraft‘s Live Minecraft shit. Scrolling a little to the right, there was a small image in the video on the right, a bloody knife holding a woman in a bikini.

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