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Braves teammate Ronald Acuña put on an absolute show on Sunday night Phillies vs.

Braves teammate Ronald Acuña put on an absolute show on Sunday night Phillies vs.

Dam, muscle – There aren’t many things that Ronald Acuña Jr. doesn’t do well.

The Braves could have lost 7-6 against the Phillies on Sunday night, but the Atlanta outfielder is playing crazy to start the 2021 MLB season.

First, Acuña stunned the fans at the first inning of the Braves-Phillies match, beating a regular ground ball, showing elite sprint speed to the first base.

There are many things that the wedge plays on the ground that make it spectacular:

  • It was a hard-hitting ball for Didi Gregorius, with hair less than 109 mph;
  • Gregorius cleared the ball;
  • Gregorius made a hard shot to the first base.

Statcast sets the speed of the “elite” sprint at 30 feet per second, with Acuña reaching less than the first three seconds. Basically, it will flash, and you will miss it.

Acuña didn’t finish the night, then dropped a full house bomb to the depths of the center field – the exit speed was the same as the speed he hit the ground.

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It’s early, but the brave outside player is all remembering who the hell he is. Once the best three in baseball have been agreed upon, some critics try to respect Acuña for his “lack of fuss” and such nonsense.

It’s a very early way, but Acuña is on the road to war in 2021, with teammate Freddie Freeman winning the NL MVP by reaching a solid 2020.

If Acuña keeps it that way, don’t be surprised if the brave ones have MVPs on their backs.

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