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Broncos Courtland Sutton has cast a vote of confidence in Drew Lock: QB “is on another level”

Broncos Courtland Sutton has cast a vote of confidence in Drew Lock: QB “is on another level”

The Broncos are preparing for the quarterback competition this season after changing their sixth-round pick Teddy Bridgewater Before the 2021 NFL Draft. Veteran third-year professional Drew Lock will be pushed to the starting lineup.

It appears that Locke gained key approval early in the process at the hands of receiver Courtland Sutton Broncos.

In an interview with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright main group radio, The Denver KOA, Sutton said he saw “a lot of promise” in the Lock as he looked sideways last season. He also said Locke has seen him work this season to continue to improve.

“He’s been here almost every day since the end of the season. I see him almost every day. I talked to the guy and he’s on a different level when it comes to the game. He’s thinking about things. Sports analysts would say, ‘A QB vet or a guy who has won Super Bowls you want to be new ‘.

“You can tell he understands the game even more. I think a lot of people slept on the patient side. He’s very close. I think he needs pictures and he needs representatives. To be able to go back and do it himself — assessment, I think he needs to understand why. he has to work and he has been giving his ass all season. And talking to him, he is happy with the opportunity and I know we are all excited about him. “

This looks like it will look good for Lock. Sutton is the No. 1 receiver in the team, even though he missed the 2021 season after a broken ACL, so his opinions may be worth it.

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Of course, Locke still has to prove throughout the camp that he would be better than Bridgewater. But if he’s putting in the work, that could give him a leg up because he has experience in attacking the Broncos.

Last season, Locke had a good result in the last four weeks, completing 61.2% of his passes and averaging 253.8 yards per game with seven total touchdowns and two interceptions.

That said, it’s worth noting that the off-season effort could be in vain if the Broncos do business with the Aaron Rodgers Packers. There have been rumors about the possible usefulness of Rodgers and Denver has been mentioned as a potential landing site.

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