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Can vaccines interrupt COVID transmission?

Can vaccines interrupt COVID transmission?

Those involved in the CU Boulder study

“We’ve received a lot of emails that we’re working on to get started. It’s been nice to see them because they’re very interested in doing something to help. It’s not so much ‘Oh, I want to get vaccinated.’ “We understand what the study is all about, and we would like to be part of the long-term solution and be involved,” DeSouza added.

Chase Willie, a senior at the Boulder campus, was never sure how such projects would work.

“I was telling my dad, I always ask him who is a part of those studies, because you get to know them in the news,” Willie said. “I’ve always been” who are they talking to? “

So when Willie’s girlfriend sent him an email about Prevent COVID U, he decided to file an application. The main design of the media went to informational meetings about the research where he learned that participation could wait until later in the year. But at that moment, he felt he was part of something important and decided to continue with the trial.

“The research answers the big question that the whole nation is asking right now with these vaccines,” he said. “After you get vaccinated, can you spread the virus to other people? I think that’s a question I’ve had in my head and I’ve been curious to know. So even if it wasn’t vaccinated immediately, it would be great to be part of the research that’s responding to it. “.

It so happened that Willie was named to the former team, and last week he received his first Modern shot.

Dr. Amesh Adalja, of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, a leading Baltimore expert, said the research will benefit everyone.

“The main important reason is that it will really affect the way we provide public health guidance. We are already getting it. [transmission] Information from U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention information from health service staff data, as well as real-world data from places like Israel, where people have a highly vaccinated population, ”Adalja said.

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