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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Capture live streamers: blockchain technology is here to upgrade platforms

Blockchain is the innovation that has attracted the interest of everyone in the virtual environment. Its decentralized and distributed approach has the potential to disrupt the basic functioning of various industrial sectors. It is also less intermediaries receive the herald of a revolution in the field of visual objects and artificial intelligence. Consumers, content creators and infrastructure providers can all participate directly in the network thanks to blockchain. Instead of relying on a centralized service offered by a major market player, anyone can become a broadcaster, manage a power station, provide a transcoder, hold data or just share network capacity.

Streaming has changed the internet, and blockchain can help it much further. According to the most recent statistics, the video will contribute to 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. Video streaming platforms have increased in popularity over the past decade due to the increased demand for internet streaming services. Blockchain-based video streaming applications are fast becoming a competitive industry. A wide range of companies, from Livepeer to YouNow to the STREAM project and beyond, use blockchain technology and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies to compete with such as Netflix, YouTube and other established online video platforms.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is an evolving record, known as a blockchain, that is linked by encryption. Each block consists of a cryptographic logical hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction information. Many of the other blockchain applications rely on cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. It is mostly used in financial applications. However, it has many more uses than cryptocurrencies and financial ledgers. Blockchain offers several benefits, including improved transparency, improved security, lower cost, traceability, and increased speed and efficiency.

Due to the great trend of Blockchain, the idea of Blockchain as a service (BaaS) is growing rapidly, similar to Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). In this case, BaaS allows businesses and consumers to securely create, test, and distribute blockchain applications with the necessary features, such as bandwidth control, resource allocation, and host needs. Currently, large firms, including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, provide BaaS, which is gradually being adopted by many sectors as it enables them to focus on their product / service offering without having to worry about the underlying protocols and frameworks of the blockchain system.

Blockchain Technology for Live Streaming

Blockchain live streaming is a relatively new technology. It allows you to post material and receive payment quickly, regardless of device type. Live streaming allows you to broadcast your video over the Internet in real time, giving your audience a unique experience. However, consumers need to realize that there are two types of streaming: those found on centralized platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Live streaming on a decentralized network is significantly cheaper than traditional live streaming because there are fewer intermediaries receiving a share of the revenue.

Live streaming on the blockchain is more engaging and entertaining than regular videos. Viewers can interact with the streamer in the same way they would at a live performance. Because all information is encrypted and stored on the blockchain, it is extremely secure. There are no ads on live streaming applications as no corporation offers them. Decentralized live streaming enables a wider range of content. Blockchain-based video streaming is a potential and unique field for technological advancement in the near future. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the world of live streaming.

Blockchain-based video streaming application

Blockchain-based video streaming applications are expected to cover the entire media delivery chain, from content creation to content consumption. Video streaming applications based on a blockchain platform such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, or the IPFS protocol, and decentralize the streaming infrastructure by developing their peer-to-peer broadcasting solutions that allow you to host your video files rather than renting them from another person or company. You should also be able to measure how many times your movies are watched to be appropriately compensated. Many video streaming applications are based on blockchains like Livepeer, Theta blockchain, BLive by BitTorrent, and many more.

Blockchain-based video streaming application

There are several streaming options available. But what if you could make money while doing so? That’s correct! You can now earn tokens on StreamLive by watching and watching rewards from fans. StreamLive is also one of the firms intending to develop a blockchain-based multi-streaming network that gives streamers ultimate ownership over their content. StreamLive has created the platform to address the challenges that the live streaming business still faces today. StreamLive offers viewers and streamers to earn streaming coins (STRM). Streamers can earn through advertising program, while viewers can earn coin flow(STRM) by viewing ads contained in live streams.


I think live streaming is a great way to connect with the rest of the world in real time. Because no servers are involved in live broadcast on the blockchain, users can share their opinions and experiences without fear of censorship or interruption. With emerging innovations like blockchain on the rise, it’s critical to differentiate your product from competition for online businesses. This is the promise of blockchain-based decentralized streaming platforms.

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