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Clarence Seedorf: Players who cover their mouths when talking in matches should be punished for football news

Clarence Seedorf: Players who cover their mouths when talking in matches should be punished for football news

Players should be penalized immediately if they cover their mouths when talking to an opponent or referee, Clarence Seedorf said.

Slavia Prague defender Ondrej Kudela covered his mouth when he allegedly racially abused his opponent Glen Kamara Rangers In the Europa League draw in the last month.

Kudal has denied racially abusing Kamara but has imposed a one-match UEFA ban on accepting a lower charge for insulting the Finn, saying the interruption has provided “without racism” any decisions the body could make on allegations of racism.

Glen Kamara Rangers allegedly raped Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela with his mouth covered

Seedorf, a former Netherlands international and four-time Champions League winner, said at a meeting of the Council of Europe’s hate speech that allowing players to cover their mouths was an easy step.

“There’s a lot of talk but it’s not done enough. The need is obvious and very urgent,” Seedorf said.

“From the players’ point of view, I’ve seen games and seen things that cover things up. In recent weeks or months there have been racist situations where players have had hate speeches.

“These things can be easily attacked by setting some rules.

AP - Clarence Seedorf in charge of Cameroon
Seedorf has proposed yellow card penalties to players who insist on covering their mouths

“It has to be completely transparent when we’re talking about sports, so why would I cover my mouth if I have to talk to my opponent?

“If I want to talk to my coach or a teammate, fine, but when I approach the referee or another player in any sport, you don’t let him cover your mouth, he should be penalized, yellow card.”

Hatred will not stop us

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Kick It Out by denouncing racism

Online report form Kick It Out

Kick It Out is a football equality and inclusion organization. She works in the football, education and community sectors to combat discrimination, promote inclusive practices and campaign for positive change.


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