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Derek Chauvin sentenced to death George Floyd

Derek Chauvin sentenced to death George Floyd

A jury has sentenced former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin to death George Floyd, whose death last year sparked protests against racial injustice around the world.

Chauvin, 45, was found guilty three charges – second and third degree murder and secondary murder. The number of second-degree murders, the most serious of the three, carries a prison sentence of up to 40 years.

Wearing a gray suit, blue tie, and mask, Chauvin frowned slightly as the verdict was read. They took the handcuffs and will punish them within eight weeks.

After the verdict, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, the chief prosecutor, said, “However, I would not call today’s verdict justice because it involves a real restoration of justice. But it is a responsibility, it is the first step to getting justice.”

It has been a Minneapolis trial seen closest It happened in U.S. courts over the years, and it came at a time of demanding greater accountability, while people were performing their duties while coloring people. Jury selection began on March 9, and initial statements began on March 29th. The jury deliberated About 10 hours before the verdict was announced.

In May last year, Chauvin, a white man, knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes when he was arrested for using a fake $ 20 bill.

The Floyd family held a press conference shortly after the conviction was announced, which was attended by civil rights activist Al Sharpton and their lawyer Benjamin Crump.

“I feel calm today because they finally have a chance to sleep,” he said Philonise Floyd, Brother George. “I prayed for many days, I hoped and everything was existing. I told him, ‘I think he will be convicted’ ”.

President Joe Biden It was called the Floyd family after the verdict. “At least, God, there’s justice now,” he told them.

In a subsequent speech at the White House, Biden appeared pleased with the result. He said it has the potential to be a “moment of significant change” and called for police reform.

A large crowd gathered to hear the verdict before the Minneapolis court © Reuters

“One has to think for justice what justice is like for the George Floyd family,” said Ashley Howard, a professor at the University of Iowa who studies the history of African Americans in the Midwest. “No conviction will ever lead to a father, a partner, a friend. But if a conviction brings some kind of closure to the family, then they can call for justice.”

Crowds grew before the announcement outside the Hennepin County government center in central Minneapolis. One person conducted a familiar conversation, shouting “Say his name,” and the crowd responded with “George Floyd”.

The city expected protests regardless of the jury’s decision. The government center has been barricaded with a fence made of concertin wire since March. The National Guard deployed troops to the subway area last week a northern district then police shooting A 20-year-old black man at a traffic stop.

Of the 12 jurors, six were white, four black and two multi-racial, according to the Minnesota newspaper Star Tribune.

Allegations against Derek Chauvin

Unintentional secondary murder the prosecutor must demand that the accused commit murder while committing the crime – in Chauvin’s case, the alleged crime was assault. They did not have to prove their intent to kill, but their intent to attack. The maximum sentence is 40 years in prison.

Third-degree murder, which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years, applies to an accused who “kills someone” while “proving to be completely dangerous” and “proving improper intelligence”.

Second-degree murder it requires a defendant to prove that he acted “irresponsibly recklessly,” creating a “reasonable risk” of killing someone. Defendants are seeking a 10-year prison sentence if convicted.

The trial revolved around two issues: whether Chauvin’s use of force it was justified and was the exact cause of Floyd’s death.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo took a stance in condemning Chauvin’s actions, defense attorney Eric Nelson said the force could be “tremendous but legitimate” and that Chauvin should be tried according to what reasonable officials would do in similar situations.

Prosecution witnesses mostly cited suffocation as the cause of Floyd’s death. Medical examiner Andrew Baker said Floyd died cardiac arrest while the law is being enforced. Chauvin’s lawyer said Floyd died of a heart arrhythmia from previous health problems and drug use.

The race was a key element of the trial and the attention paid to it, although prosecutors and the defense court tried to distinguish it from its broad social context. Police are rarely charged when they kill someone who fulfills their duty, even less condemned.

Already for Brown, a Minneapolis protester who supported the police department’s funding of social services, Chauvin’s conviction was “a first step. I don’t think it’s a victory.”

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