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Deshaun Watson explained: What to know about allegations of sexual assault against Texans QB

Deshaun Watson explained: What to know about allegations of sexual assault against Texans QB

A third civil lawsuit against Deshaun Watson has been filed against Texans quarterback in December 2020 on charges of sexually assaulting a massage therapist.

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee filed this lawsuit this week and two other lawsuits related to allegations related to allegations by other massage therapists. Buzbeek wrote in one of the lawsuits that Watson’s behavior is part of a “worrying pattern of capturing vulnerable women.” According to ESPN’s Sarah Barshop.

Here’s what we know so far about these issues and how Watson and the NFL have responded to the allegations.

What to know about the lawsuits against Deshaun Watson

Cases 1 and 2

The the first bi the lawsuit was filed by Buzbee in Harris County, Texas. The first lawsuit is allegedly related to an incident that took place in the home of a massage therapist in March 2020, and the second lawsuit is allegedly related to an incident that occurred in August 2020 at The Houstonian hotel, club and spa. The plaintiffs in both cases are female massage therapists named Jane Doe.

Both lawsuits allege that Watson committed a civil assault by exposing himself and touching the plaintiff with his penis. Both lawsuits also allege that the plaintiffs became “uncomfortable” with the massages, and the women abruptly ended their sessions after Watson acted inappropriately and did not respond to Watson’s additional communication attempts, which initially sparked the meeting via direct Instagram messages.

“It became clear that Watson wanted a massage for one reason, sex,” the first lawsuit says.

Watson told the plaintiff who allegedly took part in the March 2020 incident: “I know you have a career and a reputation, and I know you would hate someone to mess with you, just like I don’t want to mess with you.” He considered Watson’s release a threat.

3. demand

The third lawsuit is allegedly related to an incident that took place in a Houston office building in December 2020. Plaintiff in the lawsuit filed as Jane Doe.

While the third lawsuit alleges similar behavior toward the massage therapist, Watson “became more aggressive, telling her to force her hand to lower her pubis.” In the lawsuit, Watson says he forced the woman. he felt “scared and threatened” to have oral sex and “not to accept it.”

“The plaintiff could have been more courageous and wants to end the massage” the lawsuit says. “But he felt helpless at the time. The plaintiff was under Watson’s control.”

All three plaintiffs are seeking compensatory damages, “so that Watson does not engage in similar conduct.”

Who is Tony Buzbee?

Buzbee is a lawyer for The Buzbee Law Firm in Houston. He is a former naval officer and attended law school at the University of Houston Law Center. According to a biography made on The Buzbee Law Firm site. He has replaced several well-known clients, including former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

He has also previously been a candidate for public office, and eventually launched an unsuccessful campaign in 2019 against incumbent Sylvester Turner for mayor of Houston.

In a shared Instagram post on Thursday from her verified account, Buzbee said the Buzbee law firm has hired nine women to file cases against Watson, although so far only three have been filed.

“The allegations are similar. We have filed three, and as we complete due diligence, we will file the rest in due course,” the message read. “We are talking to many others. [Buzbee’s associate] Cornelia [Brandfield-Harvey] and I am grateful to these brave women who are willing to come forward and listen to kind words and support.

“Whatever you do in life, there will always be obstacles. As my father always said, ‘If you’re right, go ahead!’ And that’s how we go. “

What did Deshaun Watson say?

Published by Watson the following statement to Twitter Tuesday Night:

As a result of a message on the social networks of a lawyer seeking publicity, I recently learned of a lawsuit that was apparently filed against me. I haven’t seen the complaint yet, but I know this: I’ve never treated women with any other respect. The plaintiff’s attorney says it’s not a money account, but he filed an unsubstantiated six-figure settlement request before filing the lawsuit, which I quickly denied. Unlike him, for me it’s not money, it’s about clearing my name but I hope to do it.

Houston attorney Rusty Hardin he told ESPN that he spoke with Watson on Wednesday and agreed to replace him.

“I’m really pleased with the kind of person Deshaun Watson is, and I don’t like to comment in public until I get all the data,” Hardin said, adding that Watson “has a great reputation here in the Houston area.

Are the Texans investigating NFL Deshaun Watson?

Texans has released the following statement on wednesday:

Last night we learned of a civil lawsuit involving Deshaun Watson via a social media post. This is the first time we have heard of the subject and we hope to know more soon. We take allegations of this nature that involve anyone in the Houston Texans organization. We will wait for more information before making further statements about this event.

An NFL spokesman said he is aware of league issues, but has them “No other comments at this time.” Pro Football Talk reported Thursday Lisa Friel, a special NFL investigative advisor, told Buzbe that she had written a letter telling him that the league had begun an investigation. He asked Buzbee and his clients to cooperate. Published by Buzbee, then deleted, and then sent the letter again on his Instagram page. He eventually wrote that his party will “cooperate with the NFL investigation and any other investigative authorities.”

Anonymous league official He told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the league is investigating Watson according to his personal conduct policy. The Texans said in a second appearance Thursday (Aaron Wilson Houston Chronicle) that they will remain in “close contact” with the league with the investigation.

Also, potentially interested groups Watsonen truke they are monitoring the situation, According to Schefterter.

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