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Did Justin Fields give advice on who can take the NFL Draft?

Did Justin Fields give advice on who can take the NFL Draft?

Would Justin Fields leave a little advice to anyone who can write?

This is the NFL Draft season, and a little information about where to land solutions can also be festive.

Take, for example, Ohio State QB Justin Fields. The Jaguars and Jets are hoping to pick Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, respectively, as the 49ers ’shock rises to No. 3 in the first-place pick for Fields in this draft and the 49ers brass participated in Fields’ second day on Wednesday.

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Fields could offer a little advice on how he might be interested in his services with a slight mechanical change – his right foot on his shotgun on his left seems to reflect Kyle Shanahan’s preference for his quarterback.

McFadden said Fields played with his usual left foot with a shotgun while he was in Ohio State, which makes it an interesting switch.

Reports suggested that Fields established certain concepts in Shanahan in his day, so perhaps they noticed (and gladly took) a change in mechanics for him and his drafts.

But, not so fast, my friend: QB coach Quincy Avery was chirping, saying there’s nothing here to see, guys, move on. While Fields is training, he is operating from a more comfortable position, Avery said.

Fields has been under intense scrutiny in recent months, and as a result, his draft has (apparently) fallen through. After considering this year’s de facto QB2 draft, Fields is said to have fallen into the standings.

Rumor has it that they are interested in the No. 3 Alabama Mac Jones product in No. 3 overall, but perhaps Fields has put himself back in the spotlight.

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