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Did Tom Brady really get a Bruce Arians tattoo?

Did Tom Brady really get a Bruce Arians tattoo?

Tom Brady with a Bruce tattoo? Not quite.

After less than 24 hours Buccaneers team coach Bruce Arians He featured a tattoo of the Super Bowl 55 logo, which Tom Brady took to Twitter with the intention of sharing his own, as the Bucs quarterback put it on the leg of a (fake) Arians tattoo.

“He looks like a great coach … I decided to take one too,” says Brady’s tweet, which has the image of an Arians tattoo on his leg. Of course, Team Brady shared the image of the quarterback, of course.

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It’s worth noting that Team Tom is a decent Photoshop work for the social team, but, no, Brady didn’t get a Bruce Arians tattoo. Maybe the Arians will get a tat if they go back and forth in the bay.

The tattoo depicts the image of Arianar after a Super Bowl 55 victory with a wild boating boat in celebration in Tampa Bay. Brady was turned on and threw the Lombardi trophy from one ship to another.

Surprisingly, Brady didn’t get a tattoo after taking too many avocado tequila.

But again, no, this is not a real tattoo. Brady’s body is a temple, anyway. Why would he paint with graffiti?

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