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Do you feel younger than your age? You can live longer

Do you feel younger than your age?  You can live longer

WEDNESDAY, May 12, 2021 (HealthDay News) – Can feeling young at heart, or at least younger than your age, help older people live healthier and longer lives?

Yes, according to German researchers.

“People who feel younger than chronologically seem to take advantage of a younger subjective age at different ages,” explains study author Markus Wettstein.

In a survey of more than 5,000 middle-aged adults and seniors, her team found that feeling younger seems to create a protective force area. stress. “It seems that the connection works in different ways,” said Wettstein, who was a researcher at the German Gerontology Center in Berlin when the research was conducted.

On the one hand, he noted that reducing stress on young people’s perceptions of the head can lead to tangible physical benefits, including avoiding the threat of the system. inflammation.

Having a sense of self in young people can also shape behavior in positive ways that help maintain physical and mental well-being.

“People who feel younger [may] have health-protecting behaviors, “Wettstein said. For example, they can be more active than those who don’t feel quite young.

Furthermore, the perception that one is younger can be a motivating force for self-improvement, giving people greater confidence to “improve” things in a healthy way in their ability to do things successfully and effectively.

The mean age of the study participants was 64 years. All were enrolled in a more extensive ongoing study on aging and the physical and physical mental health.

During the three years, they were asked to tell them how old they felt, how much stress they were experiencing, and to perform basic daily activities such as walking, dressing, and / or bathing.

Overall, those who reported greater stress indicated a greater decline in their ability to perform these routine tasks. This association was generally seen to be as strong as that of older people.

But the link between stress and impairment was weaker among those who indicated they felt younger than their actual age. In fact, feeling younger found that a longer tooth was really protective.

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