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Dodgers’s Trevor Bauer was the replacement.

Dodgers’s Trevor Bauer was the replacement.

Trevor Bauer did (almost) everything on Sunday.

Bauer had the whole game, but not by the traditional definition. The right-hander started with the Dodgers vs. Padres and also played referee and offender throughout the game, offering the full experience of Trevor Bauer, who are accustomed to watching the fans.

Bauer threw six three-pointers with seven hits, including Fernando Tatís Jr.’s chest kick, the last of the day.

Gas. Primary screaming. A good start to end the performance.

An inning earlier, Bauer played the role of referee, calling teammate Justin Turner safe after a ridiculously stumbled third base bag on the third base.

By the way, Bauer seemed to be in love with the strength of Manny Machado’s arm during the game.

Bauer has been very good this year with his first four starts with the Dodgers, and especially because he has allowed three more than 19 2/3 innings in his last three.

The first series between the Dodgers and the Padres proved in 2021 that it is technically doozy. Los Angeles hosted the first two games before Sunday’s 5-2 loss to San Diego after the late game heroes. Mookie Betts cast a spell on Saturday night with a crazy game-stamping.

Bauer, who has long been known as a lightning rod for debate, for his outward behavior and armed use of social media, left a fairly indelible mark at the start of the fight between LA and San Diego.

If nothing else, the newer Dodger, which functions as an old-school heel, should add a spicy dynamic to the novice competition.

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