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Dolphins NFL Draft Rumors: Miami reportedly was trading No. 6

Dolphins NFL Draft Rumors: Miami reportedly was trading No. 6

Miami three times.

Miami and San Francisco reached an agreement in late March that sent No. 3 to Niners and No. 12 and two future first-class Dolphins. Miami wouldn’t stop there, negotiating the No. 12 Eagles with the No. 6, sending Philly’s way to a first-round pick.

Now, Miami is thinking of negotiating for 6th place with teams that want to negotiate the Dolphins ’first choice in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Bands that want to negotiate are seeing one of the draft’s biggest offensive weapons – DeVonta Smith, Kyle Pitts or Ja’Marr Chase – or available for the fifth in the first round, and the final quarter.

Miami’s draft strategy is pretty confusing: Phins negotiated, picked up the first two laps of the 49ers and then gave up another to climb to No. 6.

While a team that needs a QB can put a place to pass at No. 6, there is no guarantee that the best passes (Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Mac Jones) will be available. One of the major expansions will probably be over.

In any case, Miami consolidated it as one of the biggest mysteries of the April 29 NFL Draft.

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