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During Holy Week, Pope France calls for universal access to Coronavirus vaccines

During Holy Week, Pope France calls for universal access to Coronavirus vaccines

Pope Francis sent the annual Easter message “Urbi et Orbi” (“To the city and the world”) to a small group of believers inside St. Peter’s Basilica on Sunday, while the coronavirus pandemic ban kept the regular audience of about 70,000 pilgrims. A second year away from St. Peter’s Square.

The Pope delivered the message in front of about 200 worshipers after leading the Easter Mass.

Due to the pandemic that Francis has been experiencing because of the economic and social difficulties that many people, and especially the poor, are suffering from, it has recently become much more distorted in Italy and Europe. It also escalated armed conflict, unrest and military spending in Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria and other regions and nations.

As he did in the past, the world leader of 1.3 billion Catholics called on the international community “in a spirit of global responsibility” to ensure that everyone has access to vaccines, which he said is a “key tool”. pandemic. Delivery delays had to be overcome “to facilitate distribution, especially in the poorest countries,” Francis said.

He called on all governments to take care of many people who have lost their jobs and suffered financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic, as well as those who do not have “adequate social protection”.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic has drastically increased the number of the poor and the despair of thousands of people,” he said.

The Pope also highlighted the difficulties of young people, “being forced to spend long periods of time without going to school or university or spending time with friends.” On Good Friday he recognized the children who wrote meditations for the procession of the Way of the Cross with light torches, which this year were held in front of the Basilica instead of the Colosseum, speaking of the loneliness and grief caused by the pandemic.

“The risen Christ is the hope of all who continue to suffer from the pandemic, both for the sick and for those who have lost their loved one,” Francis said.

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