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Entrepreneurs who raise concerns about the safety of the COVID vaccine

Entrepreneurs who raise concerns about the safety of the COVID vaccine

Del Bigtree, founder, Informed Consent Action Network; host, The HighWire social gatherings.

Richard Carpiano, Ph.D., professor of public policy and sociology, University of California, Riverside.

Kate Bitz, program manager and organizer / coach. It focuses on showing and confronting far-right groups, Western States Center, Portland OR.

Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, PhD, Professor of Vaccine Law, Hastings University of California.

NPR: “There is little difference in the question of vaccines between black and white Americans, surveys find.”

Center Against Digital Hatred: “The AntiVaxx Playbook.”

White House Information Sheet: “President Biden has announced that all Americans will be eligible for vaccinations by May 1, which will put the nation on a normal path by July 4 to return to normalcy.th“.

CDC: “COVID-19 Vaccines in the United States.”

Nature Research: “Online competition between vaccines for and against vaccination.”

The New England Journal of Medicine: “Antiviral drugs for Covid-19 – Provisional WHO

Solidarity Test Results “.

International Journal of Infectious Diseases: “Importance of the correct dose of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 clinical trials.”

Los Angeles Times: “Anti-vaccine and alt-right groups come together to ignite fears of COVID-19 vaccine,” “DC riots broke out just as the beginning of what a plot movement is plotting,” “Right-wing extremists want more capital, but are divided after DC riots “.

Washington Post“I’m sorry to be there: Simone Gold, a staunch advocate of hydroxychloroquine, was inside the Capitol at the time of the riots,” the results of the survey are “worrying.” The secret vaccines show that they will not do so. “

Interception: “The Great Reset Conspiracy Smoothie”.

Newsweek: “Facebook bans one of the largest groups in the Vaccine Movement for violating QAnon rules.”

Interview: “Coronavirus, ‘Plandemia’ and the Seven Characteristics of Conspiracy Thought.”

CNN Research: “Leaders of the anti-vaccine movement used the ‘Stop Theft’ crusade to advance their conspiracy theories.”

Nature Reviews of Immunology: “COVID-19 vaccine design: Janus face of immune enhancement.”

Microbes and infection: “Making a Rabbit Hole, COVID-19 Edition: Vaccine Issues and Discourse on COVID-19.”

MedPage Today: “America’s Frontline Doctors’ Continue to Misinform to COVID – Famous Medical Team Now Increases Fear of Vaccines,” Simone Gold Arrested for Capitol Insurrection

Congress.gov: House Hearing, 116th Congress, “Coronaviruses: Understanding the Spread of Infectious Diseases and Mobilizing Innovative Solutions.”

National Vaccine Information Center.

Facebook: ICAN.

Facebook: Del Bigtree.

Amazon.com: “Vaxxed: From Covers to Disaster.”

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