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ESPN teammate Dan Orlovsky shares information on why Justin Fields is apparently slipping from NFL draft boards

ESPN teammate Dan Orlovsky shares information on why Justin Fields is apparently slipping from NFL draft boards

We’re entering the smoky season of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Dan Orlovsky continues to find himself at the center of the quarterback’s discussions, having been an ESPN analyst in recent months for some QB opinions. Orlovsky, a big fan of Justin Fields, raised the curtain as to why he thinks Fields slipped out of the QB2 spot.

Speaking on Wednesday’s edition of “The Pat McAfee Show,” Orlovsky shared significant information about why Ohio State Fields seemed to be slipping down from draft boards, his sources said, and attitude and work ethic are among the top reasons. (Answer -1 starts around the 33:30 mark):

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Orlovsky’s answer in Fields:

One, I’ve heard that the last guy, the first guy, is an outside cartoonist. No, the manic ethic of work. I also heard from Justin Herbert, where that guy, when Justin Herbert showed up, was like a psychopath when it came to getting to work and preparing a draft. Or even at school, “Give me more, I want to work non-stop.” And I’ve heard that there are problems with the work ethic of Justin Fields.

The second thing is … Where is his desire to have a great quarter? From what I’ve been told, I think there’s a desire to be a great athlete, but where’s the desire to be a great quarterback? To be great, you have to be willing to find things that aren’t skilled and be terrified of grinding them.

It is worth noting that there are smoky screens at this time of year, so Orlovsky’s information might be legitimate. or a team is now trying to play the draft to slide Fields down. Orlovsky said his information comes from people involved in the decision-making project.

That’s not about Orlovsky, though: Orlovsky confirms that he’s a fan of Fields, and that this information doesn’t reflect his opinion of Fields. Orlovsky points out that his main concern with Fields is the move to shoot, but it’s not something Fields doesn’t draft.

All things considered, it seems a bit ridiculous to question Fields ’desire when he offered the Clemson Tigers (supposedly) side-by-side show against the Buckeyes College Football Playoff when he went on to make six touchdowns on the show.

Even if Fields goes where he goes for free, he will make the team and the fans very happy.

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