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Ethical Questions surround COVID vaccine passports

Ethical Questions surround COVID vaccine passports

April 2, 2021 – “As a discussion”vaccine passports ”are accelerating by completing COVID-19 plans around the world, focusing on ethical issues.

Mark A. Hall, JD, of the Wake Forest University School of Law and Medicine in Winston-Salem, and David M. Studdert, ScD, LLB, of the Stanford University School of Law and Medicine in California. some ethical considerations from major ethical perspectives published online Wednesday New England Journal of Medicine.

Israel is already broadcasting what is being calledgreen passes“Australia, Denmark and Sweden are committed to establishing passports and the United States, the UK government and the European Union are examining their versions, the authors noted.

Despite the different uses of the passport, they will all serve to prove that the carrier has been completely vaccinated against COVID-19 in an effort to open the economy safely.

Hall and Studdert stated this vaccine supplies are now limited, so giving privileges to people who have been fortunate is “morally questionable”.

Even if vaccines are available, they note, it is likely that the rates of minorities and low-income people will continue to be low, which can lead to discrimination.

Moreover, a passport system would essentially penalize people with religious or philosophical impediments to being vaccinated.

It would also punish people who don’t want to be vaccinated, but the authors say, “[R]it seems fair for people who refuse to get vaccinated to have some consequences, especially collectively these doubts herd immunity out of reach “.

The authors say the range of competing arguments suggests that “it would be hasty – and very difficult in the United States – for vaccine passports to make government policy.”

The arguments do not support a ban on the use of vaccine certification, as some have suggested, they say.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said this week that he will issue an executive order prohibits from applying for passports by local governments and businesses.

One area that has gained more clarity is the protection provided by vaccines, an argument for certification. The authors note that the data show that the risk, especially for serious illness and death, is drastically reduced with vaccines.

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