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European Super League: 12 major clubs in Uefa are furious as they sign escape plans

European Super League: 12 major clubs in Uefa are furious as they sign escape plans

Liverpool and Chelsea are understood to be part of the team that has signed up for the breakaway league

Uefa’s senior figures are outraged that 12 major European clubs, including six big ones from England, have signed up for a European Super League breakaway.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham are all part of the team.

Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid in the league and AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus in Serie A are involved.

Uefa has said it will use “all available measures” to stop the “cynical project” of a Super League breakaway.

BBC Sport was informed last week of plans to confirm the European Super League.

Uefa hoped to move forward with the plans the 36-team Champions League with a new look will be confirmed on Monday.

The European government team released a joint statement on Sunday with the Football Association of England, the Spanish Premier League (RFEF), La Liga and the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) and the Serie A.

They said they would remain “associated” in trying to stop the escape, using both judicial and sporting measures if necessary.

They also reaffirmed FIFA’s stance that players participating in the Superliga would be banned from banning all other domestic, European or world-class competitions and their national teams.

In a separate note, the Premier League has said it has rejected the proposal because it “attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit that underlie domestic and European football”.

Juventus owner Andrea Agnelli, Manchester United executive vice-president Ed Woodward and AC Milan manager Ivan Gazidis would have a significant entry into the Champions League talks on Friday.

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo (left) kicks AC Milan's Diogo Dalot from the right (right)
Juventus and AC Milan have escaped with league plans

However, these clubs are among those who have broken the standings, to the wrath of Uefa. President Aleksander Ceferin wanted to avoid the Super League threat.

None of the interested clubs responded to questions about the proposals.

The Premier League said the European Super League will “destroy” the dream of the fans, “to get their team to the top and play against the best”.

He added that such a league would “damage the attractiveness of the whole game” and will work with the FA, the English Football League, the Professional Footballers ‘Association, the League Directors’ Association and fans to “defend the integrity and future opportunities of English football”. “.

The FA has said it will “not allow any competition that will harm English football” and will “take the necessary legal and / or regulatory measures to stop this”.

The Bundesliga parties are opposed to the plans, as the German model means that commercial investors cannot have more than a 49% stake in the clubs, so fans have the majority of their voting rights.

It is understood that the French Ligue 1 team is not a member of the Paris St-Germain team.

Uefa said he thanked “clubs in other countries, especially clubs in France and Germany, for refusing to run away.”

“We call on all football fans, supporters and politicians to join us if it is announced that we will fight against such a project,” they added.

“This enduring interest of a few takes too long. It’s enough.”

It is unclear when the European Super League would begin.

However, the governing body of the world FIFA has already said it will not accept any such competition and the players involved in it would be denied the opportunity to play in a World Cup.

Serie A has called an emergency committee to discuss the matter.

The football supporters’ association has said it is “completely against” the plans, saying it “only motivates cynical greed”.

They added: “This competition is emerging on our backs. The club’s billionaire owners do not take the game traditions into account and continue to treat football as their personal fiefdom.”

It has been agreed that the new Champions League will have an initial phase, with each club playing 10 matches more than the current team phase.

Also, the playoffs would be played, followed by the playoffs.

The most controversial aspect of the proposals revolves around the distribution of four additional places, two of which are reserved for clubs ranked high in the Uefa coefficient table, who do not qualify for the Champions League through their home competition but get some sort of certification. European football.

At the moment, Liverpool and Chelsea would be the clubs to benefit from this system if they were there this season.

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