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Everything you need to know about Facebook data leak

Everything you need to know about Facebook data leak

News: Last weekend it was found that the personal data of 533 million users in more than 106 countries is available online. The data was found by security researchers Alon Gal, includes phone numbers, email addresses, birthplaces, first and last names, and dates of birth. Initially, Facebook claimed that the data leak was reported in 2019 and resolved the vulnerability it caused in August. Actually, it seems that Facebook didn’t explain the offense properly then. The company finally approved it on Tuesday, April 6, a blog post By Mike Clark, Product Management Director.

How it happened: In a blog post, Clark said Facebook believes the data was taken by “malicious actors” from people’s profiles using their importer contacts tool because it uses people’s contact lists to help them find Facebook friends. It’s not clear exactly when the data came out, but Facebook says it was “before September 2019”. One difficult factor is that it’s very common for cybercriminals to combine different data sets and sell them in different parts, and Facebook has had a lot different data breaches over the years (the most popular Cambridge Analytica scandal).

Why is time important? The General Data Protection Regulation entered into force in May 2018 in the countries of the European Union. Following the offense, Facebook could be held liable for fines and enforcement actions for failing to report the violation within 72 hours, according to the GDPR. he promises. The Irish Data Protection Commission is investigating the breach. In the US, Facebook he signed the agreement two years ago which gave him immunity from fines from the Federal Trade Commission for violations before June 2019, so if he steals data, he can also take action there.

How to verify the impact: Although passwords are not filtered, scammers can use the information for spam or robocalls. If you want to see if there is any danger, go here haveibeenpwned.com and check if your email address or phone number has been violated.

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