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Ex-Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater sheds light on Carolina’s questionable practice habits

Ex-Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater sheds light on Carolina’s questionable practice habits

Is Teddy Bridgewater burning the bridges?

The former Panthers quarterback has a new team after losing to Denver’s job (again) against Sam Darnold after Carolina acquired the former in the first round of the Jets.

Clearly, things weren’t all pink with Bridgewater’s only year in Carolina with coach Matt Rhule and offensive coordinator Joe Brady. In fact, Bridgewater had problems during the week with a few things that could have hindered the coaches on Sunday.

While talking to Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden on the “All Covered” podcast, the veteran passage clarified the group’s questionable practice habits, which he believes hindered the Panthers in 2020:

I think man, that’s what I’m going to say for Joe Brady’s growth, man, that organization needs to like to work on different things in different ways. One thing we didn’t do when we were there, we didn’t do a two minute practice (simulacrum), we didn’t practice the red zone. I think the game is about science and trying to keep the guys healthy. We didn’t practice on Fridays, but we did walk. We crossed the red zone things, and you go out on Saturday and practice the red zone. But you only get 15 live replays. Boys ’repetitions would be limited. That’s unknown, but I’m a professional man, and I can throw it all away, but at the end of the day that won’t get me anywhere, man.

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It’s interesting that Panther’s practices didn’t pay attention to the red zone, as Peterson and McFadden made it deaf, unbelievable: the red zone and two-minute drills are usually practiced by NFL gangs during the week, so Carolina chooses to spend less time on them.

Carolina’s red zone scoring percentage ranked 28th in the NFL last season; it turned into just over 50% of the options. Perhaps more practice would help. Rhule, a first-year coach, and Brady, a first-year OC in 2020, want to consider changing that this coming season.

Even though Rhule noticed those called in a Zoom call after Panther’s schedule was released on Wednesday night, he doesn’t want to change anything.

“As for us, we have a process, we have a calendar of internships,” Rhul said.

“We work hard, we’re really organized, we try to fix all the situations. So I feel really good about what we’re doing,” he added.

Give Bridgewater credit: He gave a healthy part of the conversation by taking the blame for the shortcomings in Carolina, even though it removed trends in practice.

In any case, the water under the bridge is now for Bridgewater, which will adapt to the Broncos in the 2021 season.

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