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Fans of A get to booing the Astros players for stealing signals

Fans of A get to booing the Astros players for stealing signals

Fans of A had to wait a year to throw boos at the Astros players so that in 2017 and 2018 the team could steal signs. They took the opportunity on 2021 Opening Day.

Oakland faithful unloaded Houston’s second baseman Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa at the Coliseum on Thursday.

The reunion sang “Scams” ​​in the national anthem and the Astro brought signs that they were the same. They appeared pleased with Chris Bassitt A’s header hitting Correa on his left shoulder at a speed of 94 mph in the fourth inning.

Altuve, Bregman, Correa and Yuli Gurriel are the lone position players to beat the Dodgers, who won seven World Series matches in the 2017 Astros. In late 2019, former Mike Fiers Astros pitch (now with A) he blew the whistle that tournament season that Houston started. The team filmed catcher signals in the center of the camera area, connected to a monitor located behind the hole in Houston. When the stars found out what field they were on, someone hit them in a trash can to throw the beatings.

FAGAN: The Red Sox’s repurchase of Cora proves that baseball doesn’t care about the scandal

MLB began investigating after Fiers made it public. There were no interrupted players Rob Rob Manfred gave them immunity in exchange for their full cooperation. Astros manager AJ Hinch and Red Sox manager Alex Cora – Hinch’s head coach in 2017 – were suspended for the 2020 season due to their roles in the scandal. They were also released by their clubs. Astros also released then-CEO Jeff Luhnow. Carlos Beltran, who played in the ’17 Astros and fingered as head of operations Dismissed as manager of Mets.

Last season, the Red Sox hired Cora and the Tigers hired Hinch to be their new manager.

Altve has denied involvement in signal theft. A The defiant Correa sided with Altu’s claims In the spring 2020 training. Altu also refused to wear a uniform uniform underneath the 2019 ALCS jankies. That controversy sparked when Correa played his 6th game against Aroldis Chapman, sending him to the Houston World Series and stating that the little star did not want to drop his jersey in celebration. Houston would continue to lose to the Nationals at seven.

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