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FoodMarble Review: This gadget can measure what gas gives you

FoodMarble Review: This gadget can measure what gas gives you

Gassy? Swollen? Suffering from painful indigestion? It is easy to treat gastrointestinal problems with pills and Pepto. Knowing why you have stomach problems is a more difficult calculation.

JanariaMarble it is a new combination of technological applications designed to help get the disease out of the intestinal tract, but even with this apparatus, it remains a long and hard road.

The focus of the product is FoodMarble Air, a rechargeable Bluetooth-enabled pocket “digestive breath tester” that works like a breathalyzer that measures the level of fermentation in your GI system. (The device has been the subject of clinical research reports in two medical journals.) FoodMarble explains that foods that are not fully digested pass into the large intestine, where they ferment, and eventually produce hydrogen that reaches the lungs. When you breathe in, hydrogen can be measured, and that’s what the Air device does. Of course, this fermentation also produces a lot of other gases and that’s why you feel sick after eating that habanero chili cheese burger.

The other side of FoodMarble is a mobile app that you use to record and track everything that comes in and out of your body. The app has a section that records your breath samples (which you should do 10 times a day), a place where you list everything you eat, measures of sleep quality and stress levels, a record of your GI symptoms. meeting, and — my favorite feature — the “shit shape”. It’s awesome to ask anyone to access personal information in an app; so if you’re a person who thinks Alexa is a privacy risk, well, that’s probably not for you. (The app is free, but the Air hardware costs $ 179.)

Summary of the day

The app tracks breath data and provides you with a place to record other diet information.

Photo: Alan Rowlette

If you’re serious about getting to the end of the stomach problem you’re experiencing, plan to spend some decent time with the FoodMarble system. The app asks you to be warned to take regular breath sample tests, but most importantly, it’s up to you to record meals, symptoms, and other information. If you keep track of food, you know it can be a bit of a bear, especially if you tend to make a snack during the day.

Unfortunately, FoodMarble’s food record is easily the weakest link in its arsenal. For starters, the interface is complicated and busy, and although FoodMarble says it catalogs more than 600 foods in its database, it quickly becomes clear that this is not enough. Some of the missing foods in his database are cashews, pecans, caramels, hot dogs, hummus, pupus, chicken parmesan, egg noodles, salami, spelled, acorn squash and other non-“Greek” salads. just some of the pleasures of a quarantine diet. FoodMarble is based in Dublin, Ireland, but the items on the list appear to be in line with the British diet (Wensleydale, White Cheshire and Stilton appear in two types). cheese category), so you’ll have better luck if you’re across the pond.

With these limitations in mind, FoodMarble keeps track of what you eat, as well as what follows in what you eat. It is called FODMAP, which consists of fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols, all things that the body tends to absorb poorly, although of course the absorption varies greatly from person to person. All foods in the FoodMarble database are broken down by FODMAP content, so you can relate to some of the FODMAPs you’ve consumed indigestion over time to find out where your intolerances are.

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