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Former Pro Bowl defender says Bill Belichick’s seat is “warm” after the gruesome 2020 season

Former Pro Bowl defender says Bill Belichick’s seat is “warm” after the gruesome 2020 season

Bill Belichick, the best coach in NFL history, can arguably be in a hot seat if he doesn’t give things away in New England.

Former NFL defender LaVar Arrington says the Pro Bowler appeared three times in Fox Sports 1’s “First Things First” movie on April 2 and said Belichick is now looking into it after the Abertzale 7-9 record in 2020. That’s not the only downfall. They were third in the AFC Eastern rankings, but it was also the first record the organization lost in 20 seasons.

That alone is not enough reason for Belichick to feel little pressure to succeed – in addition to himself. But, according to Aarington, former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady won the Super Bowl in his first season out of the organization with Tampa Bay, questioning whether he or Belichick was the real reason for New England’s success.

“That seat is hot for Bill Belichick and that may sound wonderful to some people, but Bill Belichick needs to have a good season this year. And you know why? Because there are whispers – ‘It was Tom. It was always Tom. It couldn’t be anything else, Tom except. ”And Bill Belichick must show that before he left Tom Brady too far away, it wasn’t Tom Brady, it was the system that Bill Belichick built in New England, in fact.”

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Below the entire Aarington segment is discussing Belichick’s alleged hot seat.

In fact, the Belichick-vs-Brady argument has been around for a long time, even when they were winning their six Super Bowls. And there was a clear decline in position with former NFL MVP Cam Newton. He completed 65.8 percent of the past 2,657 and made eight touchdowns in the last 10 seasons.

It’s clear that Brady Belichick is doing better than the post-breakup, but it’s likely that it will be a long time coming for Belichick in terms of his job security.

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