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‘Going into one’s own arms is not punishable’ – Dortmund leader Terzic decides on penalty against Man City

‘Going into one’s own arms is not punishable’ – Dortmund leader Terzic decides on penalty against Man City

Borussia Dortmund coach Edin Terzic’s penalty kick against him on Wednesday was decisive in the Champions League play-offs against Manchester City.

With Dortmund dominating 1-0 on the night and ready to advance to the finals in away goals, Emre Can scored a handball after 10 minutes in the second half.

Cane pulled the ball out of his wide arm, and Terzic stressed that the witness shot should not have been given. Riyad Mahrez would convert the following penalty to send City to the final four.

What was said?

“To be fair, you have to congratulate Man City,” Terzic said Sky Germany. “They played great and deservedly went one more round.

“After three of the four halves, however, we overcame it. Then it’s annoying to score two goals like that. It’s clear in court training that going into one’s own arms is not a punishment.

“Leave me like this: we weren’t lucky in both games with the decisions. We had a big dream, it’s sadly over.”

What other decision was made against Dortmund?

In the first leg, Jude Bellingham took what seemed like a valuable goal After Edersoni stole the ball and threw it into the net.

The referee ruled that the teenager had fouled Ederson and whistled before Bellingham entered the ball into the empty net, which meant the VAR could not review the game.

Repetitions showed that Bellingham stole the ball from Ederson in the air with almost no contact with the goalkeeper.

What happened after Mahrez’s goal?

The Algerian equalized City on the night after Bellingham opened in Dortmund, and with his shot City put it ahead 3-2.

City would continue to control the property with the intention of eliminating the Germans ’chances of a draw.

With 15 minutes left in the game, Phil Foden scored another goal to tie the game at Dortmund, as City won 4-2.

What’s next for the next two teams?

Dortmund will face Werder Bremen on Sunday as they continue to look for the top four in the Bundesliga, currently in fifth place.

City will host Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday, before facing PSG in the Champions League semi-finals in April.

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