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Gonzaga vs. USC live results, updates, mentioned in the March Madness Elite Eight game

Gonzaga vs.  USC live results, updates, mentioned in the March Madness Elite Eight game

The first of the last two Elite Eight games is almost underway.

The six-year-old USC will continue its perfect championship run by beating the undefeated Zags. The Trojans have averaged a 21.3-point lead over the tournament, but will face the toughest challenge so far in Mark Few’s Gonzaga team.

The Bulldogs in this tournament were led by a tremendous trio of Drew Timme (20.7 points, 8.3 rebounds per game), Jalen Suggs (10.3 points per game) and Corey Kispert (17 points, five rebounds, one assist and one steal per game). one) .

Gonzaga approaches the restless when one or more of them get hot, but will they have trouble taking on the strength of the new 7-0 striker Evan Mobley? He had a double-double in March Madness and scored two shy rebounds against Oregon in March Madness’s third in a row. Look for Timme to be his first defender.

Sporting News is monitoring live scores updates and highlights Gonzaga vs. USC 2021 NCAA Championship. Follow Elite Eight to get the full results of the game.

Gonzaga vs. USC score

1H 2H Final
USC 30
Gonzaga 49

MORE CRAZY MARCH: Live scores | Updated parentheses | TV schedule

Gonzaga vs. USC live updates, most notably Elite Eight

Sometimes ET

First half: Gonzaga 49, USC 30

20:12: And, from TBS TV: Smith is stable, his head is still clear, but they won’t take him to the hospital.

20:08: Some statistics from the first part:

  • Goals: Gonzaga 20k 37 (54.1 percent); USC 11 for 31 (35.5 percent)
  • 3 points: Gonzaga 2 for 8 (25 percent); USC 3 for 10 (30 percent)
  • Free kicks: Gonzaga for 7 9 (77.8 percent); 5 for USC 6 (83.3 percent)
  • Bounces: Gonzaga 21; USC 14
  • Grants: Gonzaga 13; USC 5
  • Thefts: Gonzaga 6; USC 0
  • Blocks: Gonzaga 2; USC 0
  • Billing: Gonzaga 1; USC 7
  • Largest lead: Gonzaga 21; USC 0

That’s where Timme completely dominates this game: 15 points, three rebounds, three assists, three stolen balls, a 7-of-12 shot.

20:05: USC has the last possible ball in the middle, down 49-30 To Zags. They need a result here … and Gonzaga’s defense is a stop.

20:00: Kispert and Suggs score 3 and 2 points, respectively, to complicate USC’s career. Yes 41-24 Zags.

19:55: USC’s Tahj Eady and Isaiah Mobley pair 3 to reduce deficit in 8-8 race 36-23 they remain at 4:25 in the middle – certainly significant, but not insurmountable. Some of them will need to be drained more to make it a real game.

19:51: It consists of pointers Suggs 3 and Kipert 2 36-15 Zags. Note: USC has seven turnovers compared to zero for Gonzaga. Bulldogs dominate every aspect of the game at the moment.

19:44: Here’s an interesting result from Zags ’score: 22 of the 27 points came from within the painting. They are currently shooting 12 of the 21.

19:40: Suggestions that make it ugly:

19:38: USC had four defenders in the paint and Timme avoided them all to make it 23-8; He has 13 points in the game. Zags is a 16-2 partial with 11:28 left.

19:35: Evan Mobley got another hit to break Gonzaga’s 10-0 lead – and then Timme another short bowl. Gonzaga has the last eight points. As noted on television, USC does not make a double team because it is an excellent passer, scoring at will.

19:32: There’s Timme, getting three straight goods: 14 feet, dunk in transition and then another transition. The last vessel does 17-4 Gonzaga and gives Nimmer nine points. He’s playing crazy. USC time limit.

19:31: William Henderson is replacing Smith and we’re back in action.

19:31: Smith is now on his feet, but this is definitely the last one we’ve seen for this game. He is getting out of the wheel while he is awake and alert. That’s good, at least.

19:28: They’re pulling out the stretcher.

19:26: Uh-oh. One of the officials, Bert Smith, has fallen on the court. He seems to be talking on the floor but is set on his back.

19:25: Gonzaga’s Anton Watson has called for a foul on Evan Mobley. USC gets the ship to do it 7-4.

19:22: Evan Mobley is put on the board for the first time with the job of putting USC back on track. It seems that Ayayi accidentally touched her elbow down her face; Zags junior is on the ground controlling his teeth. It looks like it will be fine.

19:18: USC coach Andy Enfield called up the first half in the first half after Zag got another turnover (the third in four possessions) and got the result 7-0. The Bulldogs initially play as in the overall top rankings.

19:17: And there’s Timme again, getting the wrong billing pass. The Zags scored again and scored 3-0 fast.

19:15: Timme gets a steal and tries to score in the break; he fails, gets a bounce, and misses the attempt. He tried two free kicks.

19:00 hours: Tonight’s headlines:

How to watch Gonzaga vs. USC

Tuesday’s Elite Eight match between Gonzaga and USC is scheduled to depart at 7:15 p.m. ET (4:15 p.m. PT), followed by Michigan and UCLA.

Both games will be broadcast statewide on TBS; Kevin Harlan, Dan Bonner and Dana Jacobson will be called USC-Gonzaga, and Brian Anderson, Jim Jackson and Allie LaForce will be called UCLA-Michigan. You can play the game live March Madness Live, Online for every game in the 2021 NCAA Championship.

March Madness Final Four programming 2021

Saturday, April 3rd

The game Time (ET) Television
1 Baylor vs. 2 Houston 5 p.m. CBS, fuboTV
Game 66 8:30 p.m. CBS, fuboTV

NCAA National Championship

Monday, April 5th

The game Time (ET) Television
Game 67 9 p.m. CBS, fuboTV

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