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Here are the best jokes in the video to release the Chargers schedule, which was the side distribution

Here are the best jokes in the video to release the Chargers schedule, which was the side distribution

The Chargers are the biggest winners of the 2021 NFL program release.

With so many people becoming more popular and comfortable working from home over the past year, the Chargers decided to play a bit: in a video shared on the group’s social media accounts on Wednesday, their schedule was released with a Zoom Call organized by defensive end Joey Bosa.

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The video features classics for working from home, “Can You See My Screen?” and “I’ll send this to you later,” was done as a PowerPoint presentation for elementary schools, which will leave you in the air.

You can watch the full video here:

Here are some of the best jokes in the clip:

  • Bosa is wondering if his Zoom teammates can see his screen, something that has been repeated to infinity in the last year in several homes across the country, often with a half-hearted “No,” sighing and breaking keyboards.
  • New York with the name “The Windy City” (that’s Chicago, on the record) and Michael Scott’s favorite pizza, Sbarro.
  • Flags of Puerto Rico in the 1st week with Washington, presumably by head coach Ron Rivera (and former DC Chargers).
  • Not-so-subtle Cowboys fans roast, with photos taken by Dak Prescott with the Yankees cap. (He may wear the Dodgers caps in August.)
  • “Always Sunny In Philadelphia” DENNIS system reference. Also, slide the Philly cheese steaks.
  • Different PowerPoint transitions, word art, and slides reminiscent of what you learned about Microsoft Office in the early 2000s.
  • Yelp scores that spread landmarks and tourist attractions in various towns.
  • Where in the world is Linval Joseph?

After all, the more you watch, the more you take on the humor in the video. There is an endless joke.

It’s the latest in a series of W series for the Chargers social media team, as opposed to the 2021 rival PopTarts, which he compared to a delicious breakfast the same day:

Here we hope that LA can add some Ws to the field in 2021 as well.

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