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Hong Kong executives have chosen the China Covid vaccine to obtain mainland visas

Hong Kong executives have chosen the China Covid vaccine to obtain mainland visas

Hong Kong executives, including the expelled, have decided to take China’s Sinovac vaccine in the face of a more effective BioNTech / Pfizer shot, which they say will speed up the mainland China’s visa and re-entry procedures, according to local health officials.

The movement continues to make a special offer from Beijing to offer “visa facilitation” to foreign visitors who choose to be vaccinated with an owner made in China rather than abroad. He stressed that the proposal is frightening vaccine nationalism during the pandemic.

If the Hong Kong government has it has given residents a chance between 95% efficiency BioNTech jab and CoronaVac shot manufactured by Sinovac. the efficiency rate is only 50 percent.

A Hong Kong executive at a U.S. company said he chose Sinovac’s jab for “empty” business reasons. “I think I’ll get better visa treatment,” he said.

“[My expat friends] everyone thinks it doesn’t make sense to get Sinovac when BioNTech has a much higher efficiency rate, “he added.” But I have to start traveling. “

Although Hong Kong is part of China, the passport control limit is maintained between the two as part of the autonomy granted to the territory by the UK in 1997.

It has been shown by the wider Hong Kong community reluctant attitude in favor of the government’s vaccination program, in part because there are concerns among many people about distrust of the government and security of property.

But some company executives have wanted more if Sinovac is accelerating access to the peninsula to study the vaccine. During the pandemic, China imposed strict travel restrictions on those who want to enter from Hong Kong with a few exceptions.

“Facilitating vaccination only applies to applicants who have been vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines created in China,” the Chinese government said last month, without giving further details about the vaccines.

However, some were concerned that it would not be accepted by other governments in Europe and the West Vaccines made by China for trips without quarantine.

Iceland, one of the first countries to offer a journey without quarantine vaccinated visitors will only be recognized as vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organization. There are no shots fired in China on either list.

Yeung Chiu-fat, a general practitioner and former president of the Hong Kong Medical Association, said Sinovac has included more than 200 people with its owner since the program began in late February.

About 30 percent have been vaccinated to help return to the Chinese mainland. “They were pretty excited,” he said.

Another Hong Kong executive said returning to China was “essential” for his job, so he had to choose a Sinovac jab.

William Chui, president of the Hospital Pharmacists Association, said some patients joked about taking the “mix and match” approach so they could travel to China and other places to get the first jab like Sinovac and the second BioNTech. “But as a pharmacist, I don’t recommend it,” he said.

Many international executives are based in Hong Kong, but most of the company’s business is located on the mainland.

Hong Kong business chambers have warned that there are restrictions on travel to the mainland damaging the attractiveness of the city as a basis for the companies ’Chinese operations, some are thinking of moving certain functions to Shanghai or other places.

Sinovac not only has a lower jab efficiency rate face-to-face allegations Not being transparent enough to provide data on phase 3 trials. A group of Hong Kong government experts said the firing rate had risen to 62.3% after a 28-day break from the second dose of the vaccine.

Singapore health authorities said Sinovac did not provide enough information to assess the jab, and asked for more data.

Sinovac did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

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