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How to See a Florida Professional Day: NFL Draft Workout Calendar for Kyle Trask, Kyle Pitts and More

How to See a Florida Professional Day: NFL Draft Workout Calendar for Kyle Trask, Kyle Pitts and More

The 2021 NFL Scouting Combine was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event should return in 2022, but before the 2021 NFL Draft, teams will need to rely more on the day’s circuit to evaluate this year’s top solutions. This makes professional days more important than ever for players and they actually have only one chance to get everything right.

This year, Florida Professionals Day should be quite unique, especially considering the solutions they find offensive. They have a couple of solutions to what seem like the 1st round options, and given the way the quarters can push through the draft process, Kyle Trask may have a secret outside shot (though difficult) at the end of the 1st round. Trask will be the best chance to see him, but players like Kyle Pitts, Kadarius Toney, Marco Wilson and Trevon Grimes are also worth watching on Wednesday morning.

Here’s how you can see the top Gators players and what to look for on your 2021 professional day in Florida:

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When is Florida Football Day?

  • Date: Wednesday, March 31st
  • Hour: 11:00 ET

Florida Pro Day will be on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. Among the big stars on display will be QB Kyle Trask, TE Kyle Pitts and WR Kadarius Toney for flying. It may be the most interesting for Trask fans, as fourth-ranked Heisman released monster numbers last year, but Pitts should be among the safest options in this year’s draft and could be the highest debut in quite some time.

How to Watch Florida Day Workouts

The NFL Network has been covering NFL daytime workouts throughout the season with many colleges, especially with top quarterbacks like Trask. Their coverage will be the “Special Day of the Project Day,” and former NFL explorers have turned to draft analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks as they conduct a performance review of each prospect. It will be interesting to know what they think of Trask’s stock draft and how far Pitts draft day can go.

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What to see from Florida Professionals Day

None of the players visible on Florida Professional Day has more than enough to prove Kyle Trask. That’s strange to say about a player who made 68.9 percent of his passes 4,283 yards, 43 touchdowns and eight catches, but the numbers can be a bit misleading.

Trask doesn’t have a great arm and his athletic ability isn’t so impressive. This way, it relies more on passing the pace, accuracy, and positioning the ball. It’s great in all of these areas, but other factors limit it from the top down. That said, if Trask shows a bit more speed on the 40-yard line (if he directs), shows the ability to shoot in motion, and can connect in passages that are deeper than expected, he can get a lot of stock. . That should be asked a lot, but even if he checks one of these boxes, he will help himself and at worst consolidate himself as an initial solution for the second round.

Kyle Pitts Another Kyle to see on Florida Professional Day. Pitts is a real avid sport and a nightmare imbalance. It’s listed at 6-6, 246 pounds and if you measured it in those numbers, it would be nice. Beyond that, Pitts ’work on the field drills and his 40-yard line should signal the teams that the NFL’s next end is tight. He thinks he’s testing it very well, and he might have a great chance at the tight end. Fans need to be excited about everything he does. He’s a really special player.

It’s about rounding out the main offensive solutions Kadarius Toney. The threat of speed could make the 40-yard line fast and work with Kyle Trask. He’s a decent runner on the course, but he’s fast and has good feet, so if he shows improvement in that area, he can establish himself as a 1st round pick. The team will also look at their measurements, which is likely to be less than the listed 6-0 height.

CB Marco Wilson and WR Trevon Grimes they are also worth seeing. They won’t be the first return options, but they both have the potential for Day 2. If both work well, they can surely help with their draft.

And let’s give K Evan McPherson some love it too. Throughout his career he went from 60 to 51 with goals scored on the field and 149 from 150 points with extra points. If he shoots well in training, he should solidify himself as a good draft shooter. And that should at least allow him to be elected.

NFL draft for Florida players

According to Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News ’latest draft NFL draft will select two Florida players in the first round.

12. Eagles: TE Kyle Pitts
20. Bears: WR Kadarius Toney

Read more about each selection here.

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