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How to use smart lighting in your child’s bedroom: tips, utensils and more

How to use smart lighting in your child’s bedroom: tips, utensils and more

If you prefer not to change the main light source in the room, consider adding a color-changing lamp. There are so many options Amazon Echo Glow ra Govee Aura, but it is worth mentioning that you can always use smart light bulb in a conventional lamp.

For parents who use a lamp as a night light, consider pairing it with a smart plug (if we have several recommendations here) so you can turn it off remotely without waking your baby by entering the room. You can also program smart plugs to turn the lamps on or off automatically.

We tested several lamps before installing a speaker called Bluetooth Soundcore Flare Mini (We recommend a larger Soundcore Flare in ours The Best Guide to Bluetooth Speakers also). It has LEDs at the base with a variety of lighting modes. After settling in for the night, I use it to play sleepy stories, music, or soothing sounds. The daughter also uses Spotify during the day and the lights change over time. (No Wi-Fi connection.)

Smart light strips can transform rooms

Photo: LIFX

For more impactful and versatile lighting, consider smart light lists. They are rows of LEDs with an adhesive band. Some are not designed to be viewed directly and look pretty ugly. It’s hard to find the right places for them. Shelter sites are better; so the light is lit when the strips are hidden, but one end must be close enough to the power outlet.

Here are some tips I learned the hard way: Test it in place before fixing it. Clean the wall thoroughly so that the adhesive protection is given the best chance of working or you will see that it peels over time. You can usually cut the lightweight strip to the size you want, but make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And whatever you do, make sure the cat isn’t there when you install it in the room. Also, be aware that these lists can be difficult to remove; they may leave residue or peel paint.

There are two main types of smart light lists. In the cheapest way only one color can be displayed at a time. I adjusted Govee Smart LED Strip Light under my baby’s two beds and works very well as a night light. It supports app and voice assistant control, but what I appreciate most is the simple control unit to sync with physical buttons, bike color, and music.

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