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How to watch Mets games wirelessly: full TV programming, 2021 opening day streams and more

How to watch Mets games wirelessly: full TV programming, 2021 opening day streams and more

Meet the Mets, meet the Mets, go up to the right and … see the Mets.

The 2021 New York Mets had an unseasonable season: they acquired a new owner, a new GM, and Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco of Cleveland in their main move, adding to an already talented group of guys.

As Carrasco’s season begins on the shelf, the Mets take a lot of sleeping options to take the NL East home east. If health supports, they have as many options in the year-end distribution mix.

For die-hard Mets fans who want to catch the team’s mess across the NL East, you can see the options below.

MORE: Watch Mets games live with fuboTV (free 7-day trial)

Mets Opening Day

  • Opponent: Citizens of Washington
  • Hour: 19:09 ET
  • TV channel: ESPN

The Mets are on their way to the 2021 campaign against the 2019 Washington Nationals champion, with Jacob deGrom taking the ball for the first game of the season.

Against DeGrom will be Max Scherzer, entering the final year of his contract with Washington.

How to watch Mets games without cables

For those who cut the cable, there are some options to take on Metropolitan baseball in 2021. MLB’s shadow limits apply if applicable:

– If you are in the market, fuboTV SportsNet NY (SNY) carries Mets ’RSN, but blackout restrictions apply. That is, if you are within SNY of the New York market, you can watch Mets basketball on fuboTV. But, for those out of the market, you won’t be able to watch the Mets games streaming service, as fuboTV won’t carry a market-free RSN.

Hulu Live It carries SNY, which costs $ 64.99 after the free trial.

– Within the market, AT&T TV It also has all the networks that broadcast Mets and TV games internationally: Fox, ESPN, MLB Network, FS1 and MLB Network. All of these are part of the service’s “Option” package for $ 84.99.

– It’s another alternative YouTube TV, which also carries SNY in the market. You can subscribe to YouTube TV for $ 64.99, which SNY carries in the basic package.

– If you live outside the New York TV market, you can watch games MLB.TV. For $ 129.99 a season, you can pick up all the games for all the teams or $ 24.99 a month. You can also choose a single group option for $ 109.99 per month. Keep in mind that if you enter the NYC market, Met games will shut down. Games will also turn off if you live outside the Mets market, but in the market for teams that are visiting the Mets.

– There are a number of options for internationally televised games, with a few exceptions: fuboTV, SlingTV, AT&T TV, YouTube TV and Hulu + Live Sports all carry ESPN, MLB Network and FS1.

Mets is scheduled for 2021

The Mets start the 2021 season with a large portion of the NL East games, playing 13 straight games a year. The Mets will also face the 1986 World Series opponent Red Sox in the league from the end of April.

New York Metro fans will be able to catch most of Mets ’games on SNY, with some TV games on FS1 and ESPN internationally. You can play Mets games live with fuboTV, which offers a free seven-day trial.

(All the time in the East.)

Data Opponent First pitch TV channel
Thursday, April 1st In the nationals 19:09 ESPN
Saturday, April 3rd In the nationals 16:05 CUT
Sunday, April 4th In the nationals 13:05 CUT
Monday, April 5th Phillies 19:05 CUT
Tuesday, April 6th Phillies 19:05 ESPN
Wednesday, April 7th Phillies 16:05 CUT
Thursday, April 8th vs Marlins 13:10 p.m. SNY, MLB Network (OOM)
Saturday, April 10th vs Marlins 13:10 p.m. CUT
Sunday, April 11th vs Marlins 13:10 p.m. CUT
Monday, April 12th Phillies Vs. 7:10 p.m. CUT
Tuesday, April 13th Phillies Vs. 7:10 p.m. SNY, ESPN (OOM)
Wednesday, April 14th Phillies Vs. 7:10 p.m. MLB Salt
Thursday, April 15th Phillies Vs. 12:10 p.m. SNY, MLB Network
Friday, April 16th Rockies 20:40 CUT
Saturday, April 17th Rockies 8:10 p.m. CUT
Sunday, April 18th Rockies 3:10 p.m. CUT
Tuesday, April 20th Cubs 19:40 ESPN
Wednesday, April 21st Cubs 19:40 CUT
Thursday, April 22nd Cubs 19:40 CUT
Friday, April 23rd vs nationals 7:10 p.m. CUT
Saturday, April 24th vs nationals 16:05 FS1
Sunday, April 25th vs nationals 13:10 p.m. CUT
Tuesday, April 27th Red Sox 7:10 p.m. SNY, ESPN (OOM)
Wednesday, April 28th Red Sox 18:40 CUT
Friday, April 30th Phillies 19:05 SNY, MLB Network (OOM)

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