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How to watch the Apple event on Tuesday

How to watch the Apple event on Tuesday

Your spring calendar it probably seems pretty crowded already. Vaccination appointments are coming; the family organizes a visit; and maybe somewhere you’ll go for a real face-to-face, the first one in a long time. (You’re both lucky.)

Make room in that exploding agenda for another pencil event, because Apple will present a media presentation tomorrow, April 20. The event will be broadcast live, and you can watch it at home while the company alternately displays new and stylish hardware.

It’s always hard to speculate what a company as hidden as Apple may plan as these events approach, but we can place reasonable expectations about what we’ll see at tomorrow’s event based on leaked information and other research in stores. Most signs point to a new one iPads—Specifically, the new iPad Pro models and the recently revamped iPad Mini. According to BloombergThe largest of the new iPad Pros will have a brighter, more technically advanced display, and both Pro models will feature faster chips and a Thunderbolt port to accommodate a wider range of accessories. Other reports indicate on Tuesday we’ll see the new Apple Pencil, as well as the arrival of AirTags, small widgets to report locations that work with Apple’s Find My app.

We’re sure we won’t see any new iPhones, new AirPods, or MacOS or iOS previews. IPhone hardware is traditionally released in the fall, and software tracks are already featured at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is scheduled for June.

How to See

Apple’s presentation will begin here 13:00 East, 10:00 Pacific, on Tuesday, April 20th. You can play it here in the player on this page. You can also see the stream Apple’s website, In the Apple TV app or company YouTube channel.

This Apple TV option is as new as last year; now Apple has its own streaming service, it also has a dedicated video app on mobile devices, Apple TV boxes, Roku boxes and some smart TVs. You can open this app and watch Tuesday’s event on a monthly basis whether or not you subscribe to Apple TV + streaming.

We recommend that you start streaming on TV using the YouTube app or the Apple TV app. The company’s highly attractive storefronts feature a wide range of high-impact visuals that look good in a larger format. Also, if you watch it on TV, this frees up your laptop to tweet to Apple fans ’twitterverse.

You expect Apple’s presentation to take about 60 minutes. At the end of the event, return to WIRED for coverage that includes ads and highlights the industry trends that Apple is responding to with its latest hardware and moving forward.

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