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Humans need to create Spice Money to save the planet

Humans need to create Spice Money to save the planet

The biggest failure it is the age of the digital age. The microchip has no circadian rhythm, no computer breathing. The network is incorporeal. This can pose an existential danger to life on Earth. I think we need to make a decision: to push more of our brain time and economy into offline nature constructions or to rebuild digital ones rooted in nature.

Nature is exaggerated, baroque. His song is not just ours. We share this planet with 8 million human-free species, but we hardly think about how they move around the world. There is no opportunity for wild animals, trees or other species to be known online or to express their preferences. The only value most people have is the sum of the processed body parts. Those who don’t eat are forgotten, or may never be remembered: only 2 million of them are registered in science.

This decade will be the most devastating for human life in recorded history. It could also be the most regenerative. It is possible that human-free lives will soon be won in the world. I suggest guessing on it Money between species. I’m not talking about Dogecoin, the meme of a Shiba Inu dog (to this day) that has become a $ 64 billion cryptocurrency. I’m talking about a digital currency that would allow other creatures to have hundreds of billions of dollars, for themselves and no one else, and for being alive in the world. They may spend this digital currency and invest to improve their lives. The services they require — recognition, security, a place to grow, food, as well as veterinary care — will often be provided by poor communities in the tropics, which will also improve human lives.

Money has to cross the distribution of species. Hey, I know. King Julien with a credit card. Flower pomegranates in the sense of life. Take it with me. If money, as some economic theorists suggest, is a form of memory, it is clear that non-human species are not seen in the market economy because money has never been allocated to them. In order to safeguard the survival of some species it is necessary to provide an economic advantage in certain situations, usually when they have direct competition with humans. An orchid, a baobab, a dugong, an orangutan, even at some point in the future the lines of the mycelial network – all of which should have money.

We now have the technology to start building money between species. In fact, it sometimes seems to me that the living system (Subject or otherwise) is in fact creating the tools needed to protect complex life at the right time: fintech solutions in mobile money, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies. has shown that it is possible to target accurate and inexpensive micropayments; cloud computing companies that have proven that large amounts of data can be stored and processed, even in countries that advocate for data sovereignty; hardware has become faster and cheaper. Single-board computers (Raspberry Pis), camera traps, microphones and other cheap sensors, energy solutions in solar arrays and batteries, Internet connections, flying and ground robots, low-orbit satellite systems and the abundance of smartphones make it incredible. a reliable verification system in the markets.

The first demand for money between species is the supply of an individual animal, or a herd, or a type (depending on size, population dynamics, and other characteristics of organisms). This can be done through many methods. Birds can be identified by sound, insects by genetics, trees by probability. It will be visible to most wild animals. Some can be constantly observed, others can be predicted. For example, the digital identity of the rare Hirola the antelope in Kenya and Somalia will emerge from images collected by community rangers on mobile phones, camera traps and drones, of which only 500 exist. Identity functions as a digital twin, releasing money in legal and practical terms and relying on services that require life forms.

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