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“I have to return to Real Madrid legally” – Bale clarifies his comments on his future when the Spurs loan expires.

“I have to return to Real Madrid legally” – Bale clarifies his comments on his future when the Spurs loan expires.

Gareth Bale has clarified comments about his future before the end of Tottenham’s loan deal, which means his contract must be returned “legally” initially.

The Bale Spurs are heading towards the end of their full-season loan, with no chance of signing directly from Madrid at the end of the season.

The Wales gave the headlines last week after revealing their intention to return to the Santiago Bernabeu, but has now explained that he has yet to make a final decision to play between 2021-22.

What is said?

Speaking on Tuesday’s qualifier against the Czech Republic for the 2020 World Cup in Wales, Bale told reporters: “For me, first of all, I think I still have this season, and I still have a lot of games to go to the Euros.

“Of course, when I get to next season, legally, my contract says I have to go back to Real Madrid, that’s what I’ve stated, and I don’t think there’s any respect for anyone. That’s what I have to do legally.

“Real Madrid is my parents’ club and as far as I agreed I was on loan with Tottenham until the end of the season and I’m back. That’s the plan so far.”

What is Madrid’s attitude towards Bale?

Bale froze Zinedine Zidane’s Madrid side last season and cut an uncomfortable figure after being forced to watch most of the club’s matches from the stands during the celebration of the La Liga title.

Blancos was pleased to welcome the 31-year-old to a temporary departure from Tottenham, however, he still has a contract at the Bernabeu until 2022.

Zidane paid tribute to Bale for his “spectacular” contribution Madrid cause and wish him well before the Spurs re-enter, but they have reported that the winger is not on the plans for next season.

What did Bale’s agent say about his condition?

Jonathan Barnett Bale’s agent made it clear about the international situation in Wales during an interview Goal in February.

Barnett said Bale would have no problem getting out of the place he left in Madrid, but admitted that Zidan would hardly take him with open arms.

“He still loves Madrid,” the 71-year-old said. “He doesn’t have a problem with the club, he’s a wonderful club. It wouldn’t be a problem [for him to return].

“They just have to decide if they need to go back, if he can play in Madrid and all that stuff. I think you have to ask Mr. Zidane if he wants to, I don’t think so.”

How has the Bale Spurs played for the team this season?

Bale needed a lot of time to rebuild his season at Tottenham after being sidelined for so many months, but Jose Mourinho has gradually given him more responsibility as the season progresses.

The Madrid striker has scored 10 goals in 25 games in all competitions so far, including four in the last three Premier League appearances, and has secured a profitable partnership with Harry Kane in the process.

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