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INTERNATIONAL CENTER CERTIFICATE (ICV) Requirements + How to Accelerate (BOQ Philippines)

2021 • 09 • 14

The National Covid-19 Vaccination Industry Center has released Opinion 55-A setting out interim guidelines for the issuance of International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) against COVID-19 for travelers. It will be until the Vaccination record certificate portal is fully operational.

The ICV, sometimes called yellow card or yellow book, is for travelers who have been fully vaccinated in the Philippines and will fly out to countries that need proof of vaccination. It is issued by the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

PLEASE NOTE: An ICV is NOT a requirement when traveling from the Philippines to abroad. Just like that, NOT EVERYTHING countries accept an ICV. But you can get one if your country of destination requires it, so look at the access requirements of the specific country you are visiting. The term ICV is also used for other diseases, but this post addresses ICV against COVID-19.

If you are an incoming traveler who has been fully vaccinated here in the Philippines, you can use a BOQ-issued ICV as proof of vaccination to shorten the length of the required hotel quarantine stay. The original or hard copy of LGU / hospital-issued vaccination card or an LGU-issued vaccine certificate may also be offered, according to the advice.

If you are a traveler who has been vaccinated outside the country and arrives in the Philippines, you can get your vaccination card or ICV, issued by the “green land”Where you were vaccinated. There may be other conditions / requirements that must be met.

In this post is a step-by-step guide on how to make an appointment to get an ICV from BOQ if you are going to travel to countries that need it. The International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis is issued on weekdays. Initially, it was the sites that processed ICV.

  • BOQ Head Office
  • BOQ Mall of Asia Satellite Office
  • Cebu Quarantine Station

But as of September 2021, it appears to be more options on the list of available sites.

Before you start making an appointment, make sure you have a copy of your valid ID and vaccine certificate (front and back), as you will be asked to submit it during the process.

Here’s how to schedule an appointment for an ICV.


You can find it here: Bureau of Quarantine Medical Services Online Booking System.

It looks like this:

Click the BOOK AN APPOINTMENT button. A terms and privacy notice will appear on the screen. Read the policy and click on the ‘I agree to the terms and privacy policies of this site‘-button.

Make sure you enter a valid email address that you can access. Then check the captcha box and click SUBMIT.

Click the subtraction button and select CERTIFICATION. Then click INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE FOR COVID-19 VACCINE and click NEXT.

Choose a date for your appointment. The dates marked in red are fully booked, while those marked in green are available.

After selecting a date, select a time you prefer. You will also see the number of slots available in each schedule.

You will need to provide your personal details and contact information. Once you are done, click NEXT.

Upload a photo of your valid ID and enter your ID number. Then enter your vaccination details and upload a copy of your vaccine certificate (front and back). Then click DOWNLOAD. Once your documents have been uploaded, click NEXT.

There are several payment methods available. Choose how you want to pay for your certification and follow the payment instructions provided. Please note that a convenience fee is added on top of the P300 certification fee. The amount depends on which payment method you choose, but most of it costs P70. Here are the available payment methods:

  • Debit / credit card
  • Cash through various payment centers such as 7 Eleven, LBC, Family Mart and Cebuana Lhuiller
  • E-money (eg GCash, PayMaya and Cliqq)
  • Online banking

After you have paid the payment, you will receive a receipt with a reference number. Make sure you save your reference number. You can also print a copy of your receipt.

That’s it! You may check the status of your appointment on the BOQ Online Booking System website by clicking WATCH MY APPOINTMENT STATUS and entering your reference number and date of birth.

On the date of your appointment, do not forget to bring your LGU / hospital-issued vaccination card or LGU-issued vaccine certificate.

Last September 7, 2021, the Bureau of Quarantine issued an opinion on the “accelerated ICV” issue. It is only available for the following:

  • international travelers departing within the next 7 to 10 days, or
  • international travelers considered medical frontliners, senior citizens and people with disabilities (PWDs)

Here are the requirements you need to secure and the steps you need to take if you need an ICV immediately. But note that the accelerated process is ONLY for NQF offices.

Requirements for expedited ICV issuance

For international travelers departing in 7 to 10 days

  1. Account with the BOQ Online Booking System. If you have not yet signed up, see the steps outlined above.
  2. Confirmed flight details.
  3. VALID Overseas Certificate of Employment (AFC) OR Contract

For International Travelers Who Are Medical Frontliners, Senior Citizens and PWDs


  1. Account with BOQ Online Booking System. You will need your reference number to move forward. If you have not yet signed up, follow the first steps in the previous section.
  2. Confirm flight details
  3. Bring the following identification cards (whichever is applicable)
    a. Senior burger
    b. PWD
    c. Company ID (for medical frontliners)
Image courtesy of BOQ

Steps to speed up ICV issuance

  1. Send an email requesting speeding to and sit you reference number and yours confirmed flight date on the subject. For example: PPGBOQ123456789 – mm / dd / yyyy
  2. Attach the requirements above to your email.
  3. Wait for confirmation within 24 to 48 hours.
  4. Proceed to the assigned BOQ Satellite Office and host the confirmed email appointment.

  1. Is ICV necessary for local travel? No. The International Certificate of Vaccination is only required in some countries. As of writing, many local destinations still require an RT-PCR test.
  2. Is there a fee for ICV? There is a P300 fee plus a convenience fee, the cost of which depends on the payment method you choose. You must settle this payment after making an appointment online.
  3. Can I still change my schedule after making an appointment? No, it is not possible to change the schedule after the appointment has been made online. Payment is also non-refundable and if you do not show up at your confirmed appointment, you will forfeit payment.
  4. How can I contact the BOQ about ICV? If you have problems with the system and payment, you can email For other concerns, email

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