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Israel has existential questions about the uprising of Arab citizens

Israel has existential questions about the uprising of Arab citizens

The rise of community violence between Arabs and Jews in a chain of troubled cities throughout Israel was an ugly surprise for many Israelis.

Arab riots burned at least one synagogue and reported that another was on fire Lod. Troops of extremist Jews and settlers crossed Haifa and Tiberias shouting “death to the Arabs”.

Israeli forces exchange air and artillery attacks for rockets fired by Islamist group Hamas at Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he called it “strength, great strength.””To stop the uprisings and close this threatening second front.

What sparked this dusty road from the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank and East Jerusalem?

The flames of religious unrest erupted when far-right Israeli extremists chose the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to escalate provocations. East Jerusalem they are trying to cleanse themselves of Palestinian families. They increased the pressure on the Noble Sanctuary or Haram ash-Sharif, which houses the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, as well as the Western Wall, which is sacred to Jews. The Israeli Police against the incidents have made three violent sergings against the mosques and his building, and the Arab citizens of Israel have been poured into the street.

There is nothing like this level of unrest among Israeli Arabs since October 2000. This was followed by Ariel Sharon, who was prime minister and champion of the settlers, from al-Aqsa to the Temple Mount with an armed guard, causing a second “al-Aqsa”. intifada. This time Itamar Ben-GvirThe head of the far-right Jewish power party and Netanyahu’s ally wrote this tweet: “It’s time to liberate the temple mountain and Jerusalem, and it’s time to finally show who the house is.”

The conflict with Hamas in 2009, 2012 and 2014 speaks to a well-known Israeli-Palestinian theater book. But an uprising of 1.9 million Arab citizens in Israel opens up wounds that add a dangerous dimension to the existential problems that have plagued Netanyahu and his allies.

Netanyahu himself sparked many sparks that ignited that fire to help him desperately cling to power with the tactics of the scorched earth. In a trial convicted of corruption since last May, he has clearly embraced the religious and irredentist right-wing, promising to annex Jewish-settled Palestinian lands.

He recently used social media in the 2015 election to raise the alarm The “Arabs were“ voting in the crowd ”. The suggestion of the dog whistle was that Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin, despite being one-fifth of the population, were a fifth-pillar threat to the Jewish state.

Netanyahu continued to achieve this in July 2018 the so-called law of nation-states through the Knesset, claiming that only Jews have an exclusive right to self-determination in Israel. Ayman Odeh, the leader of a coalition of left-wing Arab parties in particular, said Israel at the time. “he passed the law of Jewish supremacy and he told us that we will always be second-class citizens ”.

This law and Netanyahu’s embrace of opportunistic embraces like overt racist groups against Arabs convinced many Arab citizens to fight. equal rights with Israeli Jews. Occupying Palestinians and the lack of a path to a viable independent state are arriving similar effects.

Although Israeli Arabs enjoy the rights that despot Arab oppressed neighbors dream of, they are second-class citizens. Israel oppresses third-class Palestinian brothers in the occupied territories, and increasingly expropriates them by expanding Jewish settlement.

The The Israeli Civil Rights Association says: “There are significant socioeconomic differences between the Jewish and Arab populations, especially in terms of land, urbanism, housing, infrastructure, economic development, and education.”

They also shook the Arab Arabs buried suggestion Former US President Donald Trump “century treatment“About 350,000 of them could be transferred to the Palestinian Authority in a land exchange – with the removal of Israeli citizenship.

In the 73-year-old state, the Israeli government has not included any Arab parties. Arab governments with that “Normalized” relationships He seemed to agree with Israel on that a new wave of alienation from the region You may now feel that it is time for the leaders of Israel to begin normalizing at home.

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