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Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren’s PPV price: how much does it cost to see FITE in 2021, the fight in Triller?

Jake Paul Vs.  Ben Askren’s PPV price: how much does it cost to see FITE in 2021, the fight in Triller?

Boxer Jake Paul became a youtuber with a 2-0 record early in his professional career, but his two victories were fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson and Slam Dunk Competition champion – not an elite competition.

Here’s the main question: How will Paul deal with someone with a legitimate fighting experience? We’ll find out on Saturday night When Paul met Ben Ask’s retired wrestling artist at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Before Paul ruled out his chances of winning, keep in mind that he trained hard and showed serious boxing skills. In addition, Andreas Hale told Sporting NewsAskren is better known for his fighting than striking.

“This is MMA against boxing, and you’ll see the difference” Paul said at last month’s press conference. “You’ll see the difference between what you want in a fighter, a guy who drowned in the Olympics, a guy who drowned in the UFC and now a guy who will drown against Jake Paul. Finish this guy’s career.”

Can Paul keep his promise? Or will Askren silence the rough feeling on the internet?

Here’s Paul Vs. Everything you need to know about watching the battle of Askren.

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Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren’s PPV Price: How to Watch it on FITE, Triller

Paul Vs. The Askren payment view can be purchased in the United States for $ 49.99. Boxing fans can watch the fight in order FITE.TV, Triller Fight Club or a cable or satellite TV provider.

What time does Jake Paul vs Ben Askren start?

  • Day: Saturday, April 17th
  • Hour: 21:00 ET | 18:00 PST

Paul Vs. Askren’s fight is expected to take place around 9pm on Saturday. There are three other fights on the card, so the main event could be thrown back depending on how long the previous fights lasted.

Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren card

  • Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren; Cruiser weights
  • Regis Prograis vs Ivan Redkach; Junior Welterweights
  • Steve Cunningham vs. Frank Mir; Heavy weights
  • Joe Fournier vs. Reykon; Lightweight

Jake Paul record and bio

Nationality: American
Born: January 17, 1997
Height: 6-1
Scope: 76 inches
Total fights: 2
Disc: 2-0 (2 KOs)

Ben Askren’s album and bio

Nationality: American
Born: July 18, 1984
Height: 5-10
Scope: 72 inches
Total fights: 22
Disc: 19-2-1 (6 KOs, 6 submissions, 7 decided as an MMA fighter)

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