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Jake Paul vs Ben Ask’s bag, salary: how much will each fighter earn?

Jake Paul vs Ben Ask’s bag, salary: how much will each fighter earn?

Jake Paul is on the verge of earning a lot of money for his third professional boxing.

Former YouTube star boxer is in front of retired MMA star Ben Askren. He rose to prominence in previous fights as he played against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson. Askren gives Paul a chance to be legitimate, even though it will be Askren’s first boxing match.

Paul and Askren have already made money in their various careers, but this fight has pretty much the payoffs of each.

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How much will Jake Paul win against Ben Askren?

If Jake Paul has it $ 690,000 sold For the fight against Ben Askren, For each MMA Fighting. But he will probably win more than that. In an interview With ESPN’s Mark Raimondi in December, Paul revealed that he had made “eight figures” for the fight against Nate Robinson (which is at least $ 10 million).

“My agreement was built on the background structure of the function that the event had,” Paul said. “The event went incredibly well.”

There would be no doubt that Paul has a similar deal for this fight considering that he is also in the Triller. Paul is an investor in Triller and is likely to receive a percentage of PPV’s profits for this fight.

How much will Ben Askren win over Jake Paul vs.

I’m free $ 500,000 salary for his fight against Jake Paul, For each MMA Fighting.

It is likely that Askren’s contract will also include bonuses on basic salary, but even if it is not, half a million is not a bad payment for the guy who was retired.

Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fighting for salaries

Interestingly, neither Paul nor Askren have the highest payout among card fighters. That’s from Regis Prograis, whose base salary is $ 850,000.

Here is the full list:

  • I’m Askren: $ 500,000
  • Jake Paul: $ 690,000
  • Ivan Redkach: $ 250,000
  • Records: $ 850,000
  • Frank Mir: $ 350,000
  • Steve Cunningham: $ 150,000
  • Reykon: $ 80,000
  • Joe Fournier: $ 220,000

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